Swiss Cottage Cycle Superhighway

3 months ago (3:08 PM)
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Thanks kscterry for your views on the cycle highway at Swiss Cottage, which you say should only be influenced by local residents.

So why are you commenting on it? Earlier this summer you said that you lived near Five Ways in Eltham, didn't you? You were complaining about traffic light phasing on the A20 because you wanted "cars (to) get a free run down busy roads":

You don't like people riding bicycles do you? You've complained about them before:

You make several incorrect claims e.g.:
- Elephant & Castle does not have a "cycle superhighway", and the road changes relate the the E&C redevelopment project;
- what's your measure to claim the existing cycle EW and NS superhighways are "underused"? If you listen to London Assembly's Transport Committee hearing on 11 October, you'll hear TfL's Director of Road Space Management, Alan Bristow, say that the Embankment changes mean that 5% more people move along the Embankment, with 3000+ people using the cycle lanes - more than can be moved in cars.

London is congested and has an ever growing population. We have an epidemic of health issues such as obesity, diabetes and conditions relating to poor air quality. (A study by Kings College showed over 9000 people die each year in London from conditions related to fine particulates and nitrogen dioxide). London needs a mix of transport solutions which enable our growing population to safely adopt active travel means such as walking and cycling for shorter journeys, to both reduce congestion and help improve people's health.


Hi Mitch
In answer to the point above my girlfriend lives in Swiss Cottage and virtually her whole street was unimpressed with the cycle superhighway proposal.
In consultations, local residents should almost certainly have greater weighting on their comments when things affect what happens on their doorstep. They will be affected by this day and night for years to come
Cycling improvements certainly have their place. However I don't think the projects we have seen so far reflect this at all. Several cycle superhighways have led to huge increases in queuing times at major junctions; so instead of actually reducing pollution the opposite actually occurs as queues of cars, lorries etc all stand at traffic lights with engines on. Being right on the A41 the changes at Swiss Cottage would cause mass congestion.
I do like TFL's quietways which so far have been far less polluting.

Build cycle improvements - fine. But do so in a way that keeps traffic moving and congestion down.


Have we any data on pollution levels following the introduction of the new cycle routes ?

Terry Vaughan

Take any two junctions on the M1. You will find that the majority using that bit of road are not local residents. If we need a superhighway, it should not stand or fall according to the whims and prejudices of local people, who will always oppose any change at all.


Why ?
We need to avoid this

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