Drugs and Safety

3 months ago (11:33 PM)
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These people who you claim make 'you feel sick' are actually human beings with feelings and have the same rights to be here on the planet as everyone else. I have had a chance to speak to some of them and most have a story of how they got 'there' to using drugs, and poverty appears to be a common theme. Homelessness spiralling into impending doom and with the attitude of society and lack of community help they end up on drugs. Starting with soft drugs and growing in dependency. But guess what who is making these drugs? to make profits on the users? Those are the ones we should be targeting.

Richard Davey

Yes, and rich people do it too.
You are avoiding my main point.

General Genius

Richard, you should stop hanging out with these people. If you come across someone wanting to kill with knoves then just call the police.
As for 'mental', statistics show that people with mental health problems are more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators. Don't be spooked by tabloid headlines. Promoting fear and relying on your need-to-know instincts is how they sell papers. Does not mean it is true. Have some chammomile tea. Perhaps try The Guardian?