Telephone poll July 2015 - the results

At City Hall we carry out telephone polls every quarter to gauge the views of Londoners. In July, 1,003 Londoners took part, answering questions on renting in London, smartphone use, online shopping and airports.

Our policy officers use this information in their decision making and so we’d be really interested to know what you think about them and if you have any of your own experiences to add. We’ve started some discussions to keep the conversation going and please feel free to start your own as well.

Renting and tenancies

Demand for London’s privately rented homes is booming and more and more Londoners are renting now. We set out to look at views towards rents and the length of tenancies.

At the moment tenancies are usually 12 months long and our findings suggest there is a split in opinion as to whether this should change - 45% are happy with the way it is, and 47% would like longer options.

Londoners are more unified on rents though - more than 70% support some kind of limit to rent rises.

Smartphone use

One in ten Londoners have never used the internet. These are the people who are missing out on the benefits, such as looking for jobs online, government services or cheaper deals on products. Smartphones can play an important role in this, and so we wanted to look at the extent of their use and whether they might be filling any gaps in digital access.

Smartphone ownership and use to access the internet is high in London, 78% of you own a smartphone and 73% use it to access the internet. However, 23% of Londoners don’t use this technology at all, and this generally consists of older people from lower socio-economic groups, so these people are missing out on the benefits, although we don’t know whether that’s through choice or not.

Young people, the obvious techies, are big fans of smartphones, with 96% of those aged 18-24 owning and accessing the internet on them. At the other end of the scale 70% of people aged over 65 don’t even own a smartphone.

Despite the numbers of smartphones out there, home PCs and laptops remain Londoners’ main access points for most online activities, while smartphones big uses are for social networking and apps. Some people do use their smartphones as their main point of access across the range of different online activities though, even though the might not be as well suited for these, suggesting that for some they might be a leveller in terms of digital access.

Take a look at our  infographic on smartphone use.

Online Shopping

Two thirds of Londoners now order shopping online to be delivered. In the past year a quarter of people say they have upped their online deliveries in the last year while only 14% say that have reduced them, suggesting a likely increase in delivery vans on the road. Have you seen any changes in traffic in recent years? We’re running a quick poll and a discussion so you can tell us what you think.

Home delivery is by far the most popular method for receiving online shopping, with 59% of respondents saying that they use this method the most often. Nearly three-quarters of respondents experience delivery failures meaning redelivery; we’d like to understand why this is. You can tell us about your experiences on this thread.

One of the new ways to try to improve delivery services is click and collect from lockers, at the moment relatively few Londoners use this relatively rarely. Convenience is a big factor in increasing uptake of these – the most mentioned issues were longer opening hours and more locations. 


We’ve been tracking awareness and attitudes around airport expansion in the South East since 2013. With the Government decision due to be announced this autumn, it’s important to understand how, and if, Londoners attitudes are changing around this, where priorities lie in terms of delivery and how changing air traffic might impact lives.

Awareness of the decision on increasing airport capacity in the South East remains high with 75%, but has not changed in the past two years and generally most people agree that there is need for this too (70%). Strength of agreement is increasing too, with 40% strongly in agreement now compared with 35% last year.

Managing the environmental impact, noise and economic impacts are Londoners’ top concerns about an airport. What do you think about the current recommendation for Heathrow expansion? You can still join in here.

Aircraft noise is something that needs to be managed carefully in the future. Although only 7% say noise from aircraft impacts on their life this could account for more than half a million Londoners, and with almost a third saying they hear aircraft noise, it may be impacting on more people still, even if they aren’t aware of it themselves.


9th Oct 2015
1 year ago (5:29 PM)