Policing and crime - next chance to have your say

A few weeks ago we ran a survey and several discussion threads on policing and crime in London. Close to 8,000 Londoners gave us their views. These have been used to develop the draft Police and Crime Plan, launched today.

So, what did you tell us?

We learnt that women worry about their safety more than men (74% vs 61%), and that Black, Asian and minority ethnic Londoners worry more than White Londoners. 87% of you felt that some communities are more likely to experience crime than others, and 90% of you said that you think it’s important that the Mayor addresses these inequalities.

85% of people felt that the areas set out for the Mayor sought to focus on within the Police and Crime Plan were the right areas; real neighbourhood policing, tackling violence against women and girls, keeping children and young people safe, ensuring a criminal justice service that works for London and standing against hate crime, extremism and terrorism.

We also received suggestions of other areas the Mayor should work on. Those put forward the most included road safety and dangerous driving, antisocial behaviour and petty crimes, increasing police presence at night and on public transport, violence against men and boys and a focus on other vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled.

A huge thank you for helping to shape the draft Police and Crime Plan. Please do take a look and give further feedback. You can do so until 2 March 2017.

We’ll soon be sharing our original survey results in full too – keep your eyes on the London Datastore for these.

1st Dec 2016
6 months ago (9:54 AM)



Policing crime does not work as the legal system has made a mockery of the very concept of "crime" by making so many repetitive loopholes to escape punishment. The only way to solve crime is to MAKE CRIME ILLEGAL again and PUNISH those who break the laws. If they thought they actually might be punished they may think twice about doing it in the first place. Yes it is a simplistic view but.......think about it.


I totally agree.

It is time even the most petty crimes were actually punished sensibly.

That includes graffiti which some see as art. In fact it is defacing public places and illegal.


We have had 3 attempted break ins each one worse than last after 30 years of nothing. Lots of damage and worries. Even with quiet high security measures the perps do not give a damn.The police have been attentive and doing their best but its clear that they do not have the manpower to follow up. The expensive stolen car used was in the area with a known plate for many days so why were they not caught before more crime. The last 999 call took hours to respond. Now we are faced with selling our new car which we think is the target and lose money.


That is appalling.

People's lifestyles should not be affected by criminals.

The police should put more effort into catching these criminals.

When they are caught they should be properly punished.


Why do you bang on about race ? We're supposed to be multi cultural society etc etc and all get along but City hall , TfL , Labour ( more than other parties ..just ) , media always mention Black / Asian people feels this & that . To truly get on you've got to stop the division you cause by mentioning race . We all live in London , we're all effected by crime and fear of crime is not colour blind . You cause more problems being for want of a better term ..being overly PC . Police us all the same , treat us all the same , forget about we must be "sensitive to that community " as all your do is upset other communities . Try it ..I've lived in London all my life ..there's good and bad in all ..if someone is a wrong-un it's just because they are a wrong-un not because of their race . Too many people creating nice cosy jobs in race relations ..doing more harm than good.


I totally agree.

A totally fair and equal policy should be assumed and race should not be an issue to be constantly mentioned.

Simon London

More CCTV to stop fly tipping would be great.

More action to stop people parking leaving their engines running, scumbag smokers dropping fag butts all over London which block our drains. Small crimes like this are important and need more focus.

Marion Garner-Patel

Stop making London larger in population. There is a misplaced belief that population increase leads to prosperity. I have watched the Borough of Harrow go down hill. Infrastructure become inadequate, roads and train transport become more and more crowded. Valuable sports fields lost - all in the name of growth. Growth does not = prosperity! It leads to overcrowding, dissatisfaction at loss of amenities and trouble. London has expanded to the cost of other cities. Communities lose their pride and cohesion. When a house is owned one is proud of it, ensure that the garden and house is well maintained. One does not upset neighbours as you do not want the expense of a move. Home ownership works! Communities become stable and local institutions are joined to keep stability. Renters could not give a damn! Local active groups fail because of lack of support. Yes, it is happening. Floating populations do not give stability to an area Our local Ratepayers Assoc. has fallen away after over 70 odd years. Other institutions at at risk - the Local Operatic Society has gone! Make home ownership and long term tenancies a priority and stop population increase.


I lived i many countries around the world but i have ever see such a prejudiced police against suspects who are still not proven criminals but often victims of fake allegations .
pOLICE OFFICERS do not have good intentions ad are very biased meanwhile they are supposed to be neutral.They also abuse their power.

I am also shocked by amount of stupid allegations and cases presented to Courts which costs massive amount of money to public and State-you touch someone by a shoulder and the person precipitate to police to make a complaint about assault and police consider this open non-sense.

it especially concerns the basic uneducated people.

Complete nightmare... Bizzare.

People! do not you have anything else to do in your lives!


Having lived in Hackney for 24 years, I can say that crime is definitely less of an issue; no more crack houses on my street and no sounds of gunfire for years! I no longer hear my area called 'Murder Mile' !


never see a local walking bobby on the beat now in Lewisham they all ride horses, this is not the wold west theres no crowd control need in Lewisham when there was last time in the riots Lewisham police hid all the riot control horses inside the sation- FACT- NEVER SEENA SINGLE HORSE DURING THE RIOTS !! Sell em on like the water cannon- no good in Lewisham so why they based there?


police should get invoved in the community more,maybe having community events ,in the summer,months,they should also be trained more on how to deal with people with addictions,and mental illnesses,also the way you communicate to people goes a long way you must have respect for the law but also they should treat people the same,.the way you say things goes a long way


I have been turned down because of my age when I wanted to join as a special regardless of having a degree is psychology which would have been a great asset as i have worked with people with mental illness and I have worked in a rehab center, age should not matter but to the MPS it does it seems.According to the company who have recently contracted as the met's recruitment team there now is no upper age limit to join as a special constable but all too late for me .


I believe that the Met police are wasting a HUGE resource, and are almost certainly writing-off a significant number of crimes as NFA (No Further Action) cases because they are decreasingly utilising the skills and the time available from volunteers. At times like these, they should be increasingly using such a free resource, a resource that helps them to focus on on catching criminals, whilst volunteers help out in the background.

Met police volunteers used to be people who generally worked on the front desk of police stations, or did relatively low level admin work at local police stations.
Then about five years ago, the Met started to realise that there are volunteers out there who have specialist I.T. skills who can help with some of the more technical aspects of the procesing of criminal evidence. I got wind of that, and with my specialist skills, I readily volunteered. I was (and still am willing to be) one of these volunteers, helping process forensic video evidence gathered from CCTV. I ended up working in Scotland Yard, and me and my team won award for our work.

Since the Yard was sold last year, and the teams within it have been spread around the capital, volunteers such as myself are being actually discouraged from coming in because the evidential footage that we used to deal with is somehow "disappearing", and supposedly being "dealt-with elsewhere". In view of the sheer volume of the work that my team used to handle, I doubt that it is actually being dealt-with. As far as I could see, the Met do not have the resources or technically-skilled people to be able to deal with that type or that quantity of material. It would appear that much of the crimes caught-on-camera must be NFA'd.

I am most certainly not the only volunteer who is willing and able to spend a lot of my spare time [e.g. a day a week, or even more, during office hours] as an evidence processor, at NO cost to the Met. But I am being told that "there is no work to process". What is really behind this?
Is it the unions? Or some political reason?


at last the MPS have taken away the upper age limit for recruiting special constables and come into this century and are now completing against the counties who have had no upper age limit for years some don't have an upper age limit for regulars they understand they would be missing out on more older people with many life skills and.
The problem with recruitment for the met now is the new contract with SSCL they monitor applications as they are filled in on line and I know because I have been a victim where I had started the application but not finished it and certainly not sent it when SSCL barred it saying I didn't fit the criteria this is wrong and should cease forthwith they can not do this it is discrimination , they should not be monitoring applications before they have been fully filled in and sent , when they are in the wrong they wont admit it and then the applicant has to wait 6 months because of their monitoring unsent applications. The idea of fairness is non existent with SSCL it seems .


stop massive unstoppable bicycle thefts in London. Ban Markets which sell stolen stuff....


Allow reporting of crime by email (and other electronic means). Refusing to accept emailed reports as crimes is purely a con to reduce crime stats.

Allow for silent contact with police in emergencies via apps, giving location and maybe text details (if a crime is happening right in front of you sometimes you cannot call the police).

Make SNT teams answer correspondence. The people who communicate with them are the people who want to help. Ignoring them does no favours.


3 times I've been stopped by police for cycling slowly through deserted parks (once in pouring rain, at 9pm on a winter's night), and told to dismount or go the long way round. Granted, police are supposed to enforce the law - but public money is being used, and to what priorities? The commissioner says they do not have the resources to tackle terrorism, drugs, people trafficking, knife crime and murders, fgm, domestic violence, paedophilia, serious fraud, public demonstrations, or motorists driving illegally. Parks should be ideal ways to provide cheap, safe cycling routes - but instead, the police can spare the staff to harass responsible, middle-aged cyclists trying to do our bit to keep healthy, improve air pollution, and reduce congestion, while keeping safe from motor traffic.


21 Feb 2017 - Group of about 40 youths were in Hackney Central - called the Police. The guy that took the call wasn't very well trained. The whole phone experience was amateur. The police arrived (someone else had already called them), 1/2 of the kids left but the police never got out of their vehicle... honked their horn a few times and left about 10 minutes later. This is policing in London for you.


Even when crimes are recorded on CCTV the offenders are usually not identified. Well of course not because a PC is unlikely to recognize the culprit.

But why not have a public web site where the public can watch crime videos and help to identify the perpetrators?

There are a handful of videos shown on Crimewatch, months later, and only high profile.

I did once recognize someone on that program, not exactly serious crime but taking birds eggs! A low importance crime added to the program to widen the interest.


All the gangs and their activities must be monitored all the time so that guns, arms etc can't reach into their hands . They target the teenagers from the different areas too.


Within 5 years our family had 3 bikes stolen where we live so we were delighted when TfL funded a new state-of-the-art secure storage facility on our estate of 421 households. It is very disappointing that housing officials have locked it up out-of-use since October 2016 because they can't agree who pays for the lighting.