New T-charge following Clean Air Consultation

Last year, the Mayor invited Londoners to share their experiences of London’s air quality and ideas for helping to improve it. Over 15,000 people responded here on Talk London and some of the impact of this participation can now be seen in an announcement today on a new £10 toxicity charge.

The introduction of the ‘T-Charge’, also known as the Emissions Surcharge, would be aimed at the oldest, most polluting vehicles on our roads and follows your input after:

• 81% of Talk Londoners favour a T-Charge, with similar levels of support regardless of where people live in London.

• 41% of Talk Londoners told us that a daily charge of £10 was about right (the most popular charge level of those proposed).

• 42% favoured operating hours of Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. A further 39% favoured longer hours, but Transport for London has elected to use the same operational hours as the Congestion Charge.

This ‘T-Charge’ applies mainly to diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006 and will come into force on 23 October 2017 in time for the start of the school autumn half-term. Residents of the zone receive a discount and many of the same exemptions to the Congestion Charge also apply to the ‘T-Charge’.

You can check whether your vehicle will be affected by the 'T-Charge' by using this free online vehicle checker.

The 'T-charge' will operate on top of (and during the same operating times) as the Congestion Charge (Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. See map), so it will cost £21.50 to drive in the zone if you drive a relevant vehicle.

So, what’s next for improving London’s air? The Mayor has doubled funding spent on tackling air quality to £875million (over the next five years) and is consulting on bringing forward the start date of the central Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from 2020 to 2019 and expanding the ULEZ up to the North/South Circular roads.

Your views have been central to the designing of new measures so far, and we’ll be keeping you updated as plans develop. You can read more on the planned measures to improve air quality in London, including improvements to the bus, taxi and private-hire fleets, emissions from buildings and cycling infrastructure.

17th Feb 2017
4 months ago (2:34 PM)



Does this include historic vehicles?


Your "information on which vehicles this applies to" is very confusing as the emissions checker says my motorbike is ok and is not affected but then the planned ULEZ it IS affected as its older than 2007, so ANY MOTORBIKE older than 2007 has to pay £10 to go into the zone but not the LEZ !!! Dear oh dear there are so many zones and charges !!




Daily cost
The table below will help you identify how much you will need to pay if your vehicle doesn't meet the standards and you wish to continue to use your vehicle in central London. You can also check your other options if you don't want to pay the Emissions Surcharge.

Vehicle type (includes hybrid vehicles) 
Minimum emission standard 
Congestion Charge amount
Emission Surcharge amount (if emission standard not met)
Total daily payment(if emission standard not met)
Motorised tricycles and quadricycles
Euro 3
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Cars, and small vans (not exceeding 1,205kg unladen weight and not exceeding 3500kg GVW)
Euro 4
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Vans (exceeding 1,205kg unladen and not exceeding 3,500kg GVW) and Minibuses (not exceeding 5,000kg GVW)*
Euro 4
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Heavy goods vehicles (exceeding 3,500kg GVW)
Euro IV
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Coaches and buses (exceeding 5,000kg GVW)
Euro IV
Vehicles registered for Residents' Discount
As above depending on your vehicle type
£1.05 (Auto Pay)
£2.05 (Auto Pay)

* Includes motorised caravans, motorised horse boxes, breakdown and recovery vehicles, private ambulances, motor hearses, dual purpose vehicles and other specialist types fitting the weight criteria
** Vehicles with nine or more seats are eligible for a 100 per cent discount from the Congestion Charge
Identifying your Euro emission standard
Your vehicle registration document (also known as the V5C) will help identify your vehicle's Euro emission standard. This can usually be determined by the date it was first registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, which is in section B of the document. If you do not have this, you can check the date by visiting's vehicle enquiry service.
For newer vehicles, the Euro emission standard may be listed on the V5C in section D.2.

Options if emission standard not met


I have a car registered in 2001. i emailed them asking if i need to pay for T charge. They replied saying no.


I see absolutely no mention or consideration offered to historic vehicles (pre-1985). How can the Mayor rationalize the penalization of vehicles that add so much to the character, charm and aesthetics of London?


They can add character, charm and aesthetics during "off-peak" times such as weekends or evenings.

No car that is over-polluting our air should be allowed in just because it's old.


well TFL reckon theres not enough of them to worry about pollution and the fact that the transport minister promised the Classic Car Club they wouldn't be affected prior to the consultation apparently- according to the magazine!! Goes to show..... and yet its nothing to do with the government apparently !! Funny thing is when they do enter London on a run they like all other cars and vans get stuck in traffic in London unlike motorbikes who are free to move and flter yet motorbikes are included in this farce to make money for TFL ....Its all wrong !


PRE 1976 not affected or commercial 40 years old or older not affected !!


This is a great and very welcome first step. Thank you.
Can you now please include those filthy cockroaches that are also called 'black cabs'?


London licensed Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (exempt)
Vehicles with a historic tax class (40 years and older) (exempt)

What I find odd though is that taxis/private hire vehicles which spend full working days driving (as opposed to a comuter or some one travelling to a meeting) are exempt. Surely it is the old private hire diesels that spend 8 - 12 hours a shift pumping out diesel fumes that are the worst offenders. One taxi upgraded doing a 10 hour day equals one commuters full week of fumes. Assuming they do an hour commute each way 5 days a week.

It's a good start but it has to include taxis too to make a difference to the levels of polloution.



Also, the black cabs continually lobby against changes including greener options (e.g. when their current vehicle design was being considered a couple of decades ago). They are disgrace as an industry # just look at their backlash against cycle lanes and uber (which use much cleaner hybrids).
It's time the black cab industry was made to toe the line and their usual livelihood whinges are irrelevant as we are all trying make a living (and breath!), no matter what form of transport we use.


I'm afraid I agree about black cabs and private hire vehicles being just about the worst culprits by far and yet escaping this fee. Guess TFL too frightened to stand up to them? We cannot pussy foot around this issue with half measures, simply not fair to all road users. I do sympathise with black cabbies, as its their livelihood, and they (in most cases) had no idea or understanding of the pollution they were causing when they started their careers, and having invested large sums and time in training and a vehicle, now find themselves the bad boys. BUT, as a cyclist of thirty years and still cycling at 62 to work 8 miles daily, enough is enough! When I leave work and climb Maze Hill by the side of Greenwich Park and am overtaken by cab after cab belching diesel fumes into my face and down my throat. Unpleasant is to put it mildly. If people want to use these vehicles, let them pay even more for the, what i consider to be, immense privilege, at the expense of those of us who care about the air which we and our children are forced to breathe.


All new black cabs have to be zero emission capable from this year. They are an integral part of the transport system and prevent even more cars from driving into London. There is a 15 year age limit on older cabs which will be removed by natural wastage in due course.
A bigger problem is the fact that there are 115,000 minicabs in London now (a figure that is rising by 600 per week). This number has risen from around 30,000 five years ago. The number of black cabs is roughly the same as five years ago (around 24,000). These minicabs no longer base themselves at their office but due to applications like uber, drive around acting like Licensed Taxis. This in turn causes congestion which inevitably causes poor air quality. It matters not that they may (or may not) be driving a 'cleaner' vehicle because the congestion they cause makes every other vehicle sit in traffic thus producing more fumes due to increased journey times. Factor in reducing road space for cycle lanes, advance stop areas, timed pedestrian crossings where no vehicles move in any direction, no entry to parts of the road network like the upcoming Bank junction scheme and Tavistock Square are we surprised that the air quality is suffering?
Charging people to come in is one thing but unless Tfl admit their part in the problem I'm afraid congestion will get worse.


Ridiculous to extend ULEZ to N & S Circulars. Many thousands of residents in those areas will be affected, the very people who can't afford new cars. There is no need to extend out to stop an ever decreasing number of pre 2006 cars that will have a negligible effect on reducing pollution.. Ridiculous and unnecessary.


Hi Phil, we run one 2004 reg vw golf petrol, cut from two cars and we make do, def cannot afford a newer model, but i cycle most places including to work daily and south circular pollution is appalling when i pass at the cliftons roundabout. I feel so sorry for families who live on top of it or anywhere along the south circular. Take my advice, and unless you're disabled or very elderly, bike it! Its fun, cheap, healthy (except by the sth circular!) and helps us all combat congestion and pollution-which is a killer! (and that's proven, not at all ridiculous)

Mark Chapman

Personally, I'd love to bike it, but due to an old war injury (okay, skateboard injury), I can't ride confidently enough for London traffic. Also, I work out of town, up a motorway, in an area with no nearby public transport, so I have little option but to drive.

I almost never drive anywhere in town - perfectly happy to take the bus, train, tube, or walk - but a car is part of my daily life nevertheless, and I'm worried about the proposed extension. I can't afford a 2003 car now, so I doubt I'll be able to afford a 2006 one in three years time.


People all over London have to breathe, and right now London's air quality is terrible. As bad as Beijing last month! The longer we put off action - or exempt vehicles from it - the worse the air gets. 350,000 school children go to school near extremely polluted roads. it just can't go on like this. The Mayor's action is a welcome first step, but it must not stop there.


Air pollution data from World Health Organization
Beijing London
PM10 108 22
PM2.5 85 15
PM10Pollution Level: Very High Low to Moderate

Robert Munster

That may be so, although in fact London's air is the cleanest it has ever been, at least since records began, so probably at least since before the industrial revolution. This is largely thanks to European emissions legislation coupled with technological advances in engine and heating technology.

I understand where the mayor is coming from with his proposals, but all they are actually doing is bringing the dates forward by a few years, so there is no long-term benefit.


I don't believe there should be a discount on the T charge for zone residents.

It's fair to discount zone residents' C-charge as they have as much right to run a car as anyone else regardless of where they live, but the T-charge is about actively discouraging certain types of vehicle and should therefore be universal.


I'll go with that Bob


It would be nice if both you and Bob did go like somewhere else to live
don't you appreciate the impact this will have on people that can ill afford to purchase new cars in such a short space of time and those on poor wages that can hardly cover there cost at the present time working in London and will have to pay £11.50 per day + £10 extra TL 5 days a week working = £107.50p + Parking and all the older people that just cant afford a rise or a new motor ??? This needs addressing but not like this. Bike Lanes / Taxi Lanes Bus lanes all slow the traffic down causing traffic jams and yes pollution & what about the Buses & Older Black Cabs , if you drive in London or use your bike tell me that the Buses and Cabs including hire cars are not a problem, Why are they except because the Mayor has not got the Balls to bring them into the picture because it would cause up roar and they would bring the traffic in London to a standstill yes lets pick on the motorist once again there a easy pound note. Lets do it fair and not make it a rolling money machine creating over £500.000.00p per week for TFL and that's fair


Why has the view of the 81% that wanted cleaner air for longer been ignored?


15,000 people responded out of which you say 2/3rds supported this , shame that all those living in south London and within the rest of London didn't know about it as only those living in central London had letters posted through there doors- hence the 10,000 who actually supported it ......perhaps the other 8.4 million Londoners will get to vote or have their say before an expansion is pushed through??

Talk London

Hi williewonka,

Many thanks for your comment. There have been two consultation stages to date, both of which were open to any Londoner who wished to respond. The second stage of the consultation from October to December 2016 was managed by Transport for London and full details of how it was publicised are detailed from page 23 of the report to the Mayor

You can read full detailed results from both consultations here. Future consultations will be publicised via the Transport for London Consultation Portal and on Talk London.

Many thanks,

Talk London Community Manager

Rob Beere

When are the airports going to be taxed for their massive contribution towards pollution in London? Why are they being permitted to increase plane numbers to 750,000 at Heathrow alone with RW3? I don't disagree with this tax but feel that the aviation industry is relying on smaller businesses and people who cant afford a newer car to reduce the emissions so Heathrow can use the decreased pollution void to fly more planes exempt from the tax's those of us on the ground are made to pay. It is about time they realised there is a cost to having an airport in one of the most populated areas in Europe and start paying the costs towards seriously reducing their carbon footprint. Perhaps they could plant a forest instead of building a 3rd runway that would be a great start.


apparently it wouldnt be feesable TFL say and hey they dont care as its not london anyway


Am I correct that motorbikes are NOT being included ? I have read the below link ...


How cowardly and how lily-livered not to introduce pollution charging at Heathrow.

jim farmer

This is good but what about further out in London ?

Peter Mynors

In order to enter many German cities (also some in other EU countries) it is necessary to display a windscreen sticker showing the Euro level for which the car is rated. This applies for foreign vehicles as well, so I have bought one on-line from Germany (mine is Euro 4, which is coloured green).
Presumably the London charging will operate using number plate recognition, but the German system using a sticker has the added educational advantage of making drivers think about these issues. A Euro 6 sticker can be displayed with pride.
It would make sense for TfL to issue similarly designed stickers which would presumably also be accepted in Europe (at least while we remain in the EU - this is one of the sorts of thing the EU is for). The issuing process could be delegated to a contractor who would check the vehicle details and issue the sticker (as happens in Germany). Use of the stickers should be mandatory for foreign vehicles not on the DVLA database, but optional (at least initially) for UK registered vehicles. Alternatively, if issue of the badges took place routinely at the next MOT test, we would have all UK cars badged within one year.


Dier Major of London,
Is there were any research done of how many people will be effected by the new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), who commute to work on their MOTORBIKES and also how many Delivery workers will be effected who work on motorbikes ? I very much hope this mistake can be corrected in early stage of ULEZ implementation and ALL MOTORBIKES will be EXEMPT from new charge.
If not, I very much hope that next Major would correct your mistakes,
Motorbike Commuter


exactly my friend he dont care ! All bikes older than 2007 are to be included in this rip off yet we filter in and out and not sit idling like cars do


next major election is 2020 so is ULEZ starts ;)


I'm sick and tired of these new taxes.Just bring back congestion charges,it's all about revenue. Be honest.
When the congestion change stopped in k&c the parking meters rocketed,the traffic increased and emissions increased.
The cars travelling in London should be the ones that have to be there for work and we will happily pay congestion charges.
So stop all this bull like you're doing the right thing for the environment,bring back congestion charges and the unnecessary traffic will go away again,and you'll still get your greedy pockets filled with money


well, they build a lot of cycle lanes and it almost stoped traffic, average speed from 14-15mph has dropped to 7.9mph, it increased pollution as trafic is frozen now in congestion, and now they are trying to cover-up


TFL will never admit its their fault, there is simply too much money to make from this....! I think its great how only certain areas are "affected" when air like heat moves- it does not simply hang around above your head in the city !!




WHY does this affect all cars/vans 2006 or older but motorbikes 2007 or older?


I was always led to believe it was for all cars,vans and motorbikes older than 2005 - not older than 2006 thats the consultation I filled in....?????


Is it me or is this another tax on the poor!!!!
It doesn't effect me as my car gets changed every 3 year.
As I said before. Return the speed limit back to 30mph and reduce car journeys and emissions by a third. This would improve the air quality without costing any more

Mark Chapman

I have no problem at all with the recently announced Central London low emission zone - it seems perfectly reasonable to keep the most polluting vehicles out of the centre of town - but I'm very worried indeed about the proposal to expand the zone out to the north and south circular, which encompasses a huge number of residents, many of whom aren't exactly flush with cash.

Personally, I drive an older car, way the wrong side of the 2006 cutoff. I have to drive to work, as it's out of town and up a motorway, and not well-served by public transport. I can't afford to buy a 2004 car now, so I doubt I'll be able to buy a 2006 one in two years' time. Most people on my street drive cars older than 2006, and it's not by any means a wealthy area.

Charging Westminster residents is just not the same as charging people in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Walthamstow or other poorer areas. Much as it'd be a nice idea for everyone to solely cycle, use public transport and rely on Ocado and Zipcar, that's just not the reality of many people's lives.

Also, this seems to be a very blunt object. I find it hard to believe that a well-maintained small car such as a Micra or Ka registered in 2005 causes more pollution than a newer Range Rover or Bentley. Interesting that classic cars before a certain year get a pass too, so those E-Types and DB6s you see in the City are exempt (much as I adore them, they are part of the problem too).

Possibly there should be a more subtle scale, based on the engine size and value of the car, as well as purely its age.


Well with this logic all motorbike should be EXAMPT as engine size is definitely less then Ka engine size


How about the T charge for all diesel cars & vans after all most esp Volkswagon lied about emmisions, and older petrol cars don't produce anything as noxious as diesel. Why not ban diesel cars with 500 m of schools?


I can understand many people wishing to see action on air quality but I find much of the rhetoric to be vindictive and hysterical. Having followed many of the posts on this, and other subjects on this site, it seems that there is a groundswell of opinion that we need to ban as much as possible, and what we can't ban should be subject to swingeing charges.

This seems to give little credence to the necessity of many of the vehicles that HAVE to enter central London on a daily basis, and the jobs that depend on this, I have read posts that DEMAND the banning of diesel engines, including:

commercial vehicles (which supply all our goods and services); buses,Taxis and Private Hire vehicles (which are part of the transport network, so long as the demand exists) and construction machinery and vehicles. On top of this many would like to see a ban on new flights into London airports.
This all sounds very liberal and grown up but we forget one thing - we are hostages to fortune. We have created a behemoth that is an international money-spinning colossus (the London economy). 8.5 million people live here and around 2 million more come in every day to work, do business or just visit. London is a giant compared to other European cities and is growing at an unmanageable rate. Within the next decade the population will be over 10 million.

The balance between riding this wave and wanting the environment to be like a Cotswold village is not easy to manage and requires creative (not destructive) thinking. Unfortunately we have to rely on TfL and a patchwork of local authorities, all of whom have a track record for wasting resources. We need to have a DEBATE (which includes as many people, groups and aspects as possible) about how we control the movement of people/goods and the environment. I do not believe we have anywhere near the right expertise in our local governance to ensure that we do this in a measured and effective way. Post-Brexit may be an economically cold world for us and it will be no consolation that we have reduced our emissions if we have destroyed our economy in the process.



Its nice to see someone has a brain on this site. Totally agree with your statement
find a solution that works for all that will not just single our the ones that can least afford these changes, Rome was not built in a day yes we need to address this problem but not like this


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