Happy Birthday Talk London

Today, we’re celebrating Talk London’s third birthday. We think it’s a great time to take a look at our achievements so far. In the past three years, Talk London’s helped create several initiatives to improve quality of life for people living in our city.

Last October we ran our London Survey online here for the first time, covering everything from housing, jobs and transport to health, safety, the environment and more. Over 3,500 of you responded. Your views were of huge interest to the Mayor and policy teams across City Hall. Many of whom asked us to go on to find out more detail from you through new discussion threads and questions in our regular Talking Points survey.

The findings showed that, overall, people were happy with life in London. However, many voiced concerns about housing and the economic outlook. At City Hall we’re looking at how to encourage housebuilding with a range of new policies. These include 20 new housing zones to help fast track new homes, and a housing bank to make long term low cost loans available for new affordable homes. We wrote a fuller post on the London Survey results earlier in the year.

Another area where you’ve had a real impact is in our work on health. Throughout 2014, the London Health Commission looked at how health and healthcare in London can be improved. Talk London members made their views known through discussions, polls and surveys here on the community. This feedback directly influenced recommendations to the Mayor. You can find out more about how healthcare is being transformed in London.  We’ll continue to involve you in the rollout of these plans, so we can make sure they work well.

Several thousand of you also responded to a consultation on using Transport for London’s number plate recognition cameras to help solve crime.  As a result, the Mayor decided to press ahead with the plans

We have also recruited to a number of focus groups through Talk London. Our members have talked to us in depth about City Hall communications (for example, posters about events, volunteering and other initiatives) and how we can improve them. The feedback from these focus groups has already helped shape marketing campaigns like the latest for Team London’s volunteering programme. 

Finally, we now run a bi-monthly Talking Points survey. This flags up City Hall’s current hot topics. We're delighted with your response to this so far, and hope you'll continue to regularly share your views with us. There have already been polls and hundreds of discussions on a wide range of topics - some started by Talk London members, others by the team here. All the information we get is passed onto policy teams at City Hall to help inform their decisions.

We hope you're as pleased and proud as we are of this work. We hope too that you'll be keen to stay involved and help us spread the word as we continue to grow. There are exciting times ahead as we gear up to visually refresh the Talk London site a little later this year – we will of course be gathering your views beforehand, in our yearly satisfaction survey. 

We couldn’t have got here without you, so a huge thanks for all your input so far. We're off for a slice of birthday cake to celebrate.

17th Jul 2015
1 year ago (12:01 PM)



Merry Birthday


I love Talk London, I was following that website for a long time , but only now have registered. Hope to see a lot of interesting posts in the future.

Steve R

Camera's only work after the event and ANPR doesn't help individual's on the street, that takes a manned presence that stops people getting hurt.