Traffic Lights

3 months ago (12:09 PM)
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Once I've been walking on pelican crossing with cars staying in a traffic on the zebra and big white van started to drive straight into my child.


The problem is that drivers think they can drive on orange light because there is always some time before pedestrians lights or lights on the other road turns green. But this time is for a reason - to let all the traffic clear the junction.
I often drive on a road where after turning right there's busy pedestrians crossing. I can't turn right on orange because oncoming cars don't stop so /i have to go on red (I have to clear junction) and... there are pedestrians! If the opposite traffic stopped on time I'd have time to go before pedestrians green light.


Drivers jumping the red traffic signal lights is a regular, everyday occurrence, and like many I have also complaint, even addressed it on this site but nobody seems to care enough to be bothered to do something drastic to stop it.

Therefore, those irresponsible drivers will just continue to jump the red lights.


I have also seen numerous incidents where traffic lights all go to red with no pedestrians to cross. But still nothing has been done to improve the lives of car drivers. QED