Picadilly line from heathrow

3 months ago (5:48 PM)
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Those signal failures.... Isn't it possible to repair the signals once for good?


I've actually waited far longer than half an hour to board a train on that line on more than one occasion. I actually changed my job, in part due to the state of this so-called service. Good riddance, too. I do feel that there needs to be some kind of restriction on how much baggage someone can take with them onto these trains as well, at least in the rush hour. All too often I was either unable to board due to multiple oversized suitcases - often from just one or two people - or else was put in danger by some idiot forcing similar piles of luggage along with their entire family onto an already dangerously overcrowded train. And still the constant announcements saying they have a 'good service' running. And while we're at it, could we also limit the amount of useless, repetitive announcements that serve no purpose? We all already know we can use contactless etc., we don't need to have it bellowed at us every five minutes.


The lack of alternation on westbound services, the incorrect destinations, signal failures and complete confusion are far too regular, almost daily.
The fact that the trains have gotten filthy and show neglect indicates that maintenance and costs are being avoided or not up to standard and it has gone on too long and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
Basic rectifications need doing now and TfL /LU need to get their finger out and do it rather than spinning out half truths about air quality and the folly of cycling in a hilly, weather prone commercial city that can only ever be of benefit to a few.
((As I have to endure the stench of several ardent cyclists at work every day who simply wear their lycra under their work clothes ( we have no showers or washing facilities in our new state of the art offices, which is pretty normal in London,) how long before this becomes a public health issue?))

It's not new trains that are needed, a good deep clean inside and out would not go amiss. But the infrastructure and organisation on the Piccadilly line is really poor. But are they being neglected to push the point for replacement? The New trains will need to be at the very least as accommodating and comfortable at the existing ones which when clean are pretty good. Less seats and poor ergonomics as other new trains show won't pass the test of time.

But the biggest problem is the overloading of carriages with luggage. It's high time a charge was made at Heathrow for oversized baggage and people with loads of cases.

Fares on the Heathrow Express need to be reduced to match the tube and tourists advised to use that route which is almost empty most of the time.


I do agree on the part where TfL will need to liaise with Heathrow Airport Ltd regarding accepting TfL Fare system on Heathrow Connect services ASAP. I don't think they will give away Heathrow Express that easy. I know DfT has put pressure on but nothing has been confirmed yet... =/


Unfortunately this is the legacy of decades of under-investment prior to 2000, new trains are just one part of the upgrade plans proposed which include new track, signalling, platform edge doors, power systems and ventilation which all take time to plan and implement. The new S-Stock trains running on the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines form one part of the Four lines modernisation which is still ongoing and won't be completed fully until 2023 thirteen years after the first S-Stock train entered service. Whilst current infrastructure is clearly underperforming all that can be done is patch up technology that dates back to the 1950's because it would be too costly to replace signaling by itself, instead the most cost effective way would be to have a whole line upgrade as seen on the Victoria line with new trains as well as signalling. With Tfl's government grants being slashed any expense for the sake of time will not be seen as cost effective and when the Elizabeth line partly opens to Heathrow in May 2018 the Piccadilly will be less important as a link and will be ripe for modernistation.