New regulations for taxi and private hire vehicles

4 months ago (10:31 AM)
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Well done sir ,long overdue thank you/

Matt JK

Let's first find out who can actually afford to use Black Cab's? Is available public funds (yours and mine) not better be invested in some alternative and truly a modern transport?
Customer service and integration of a new technologies or updating cars doesn't interest most of Black Cab drivers?
It's like financially supporting teenage son who is already in his 40's and can't accept reality!
The working conditions and requirements need to be the same to everybody working in the field - how many times before uber you took black cab without heating or air condioning?


Excuse me but isn't being a 'Cabbie' a commercial venture? Why does the tax payer have to contribute £65m to support Black Cabs? We could not support our Steel Industry and most of the tax paying employyes there earnt a lot less than Cabbies?


This is discrimination, excessive use of powers and not at all useful to the taxi paying public. I was so frustrated by the (non) service from Black Cabs or Addison Lee before Uber appeared on the scene that I either walked everywhere or caught the bus. Uber are a breath of fresh air for those of us that live outside of London but visit regularly. (3/4 times per month). What are the stats on taxi accidents? Black Cabs vs Addison Lee vs Uber? I never have to talk to a Uber driver I enter my destination into the App, it gives me an arrival time, a picture of the driver, his vehicle type and reg no. and they take me there, quickly, cheaply and are friendly. WHAT is the problem Mr Khan? Let them register to use the Bus lanes also!

Terry Vaughan

Keep cabs and hire vehicles out of the bus lanes. They are usually either empty or with only one or two passengers and they hold up the buses. Why should their drivers or passengers be privileged over other private vehicles? The bus lanes are dangerous enough for people cycling without having cabs and PH vehicles there too. And why are new licences for diesel cabs still being issued until 2018?


80% of our consultation group agreed with the written test? Who were in the consultation group, 80% of how many?
Cycle lanes - great. Cyclists overtaking vehicles on both sides, ignoring traffic lights, riding up the inside of vehicles that are turning left - not great.
Why doesn't TFL 'secret shop' Black Cabs, Uber, Addison Lee, etc for a period of 3/6 months at various times of the day using regular London taxi travellers and then produce a fair and unbiased report rather than leaping into protectionism. I am sure that many of the contributors here would be willing to partake.


All these new regualtions i call it double standard!

its all about more rules more money, and let the everyday public pay for it all.

why! why! why! do you have to listen to such crap.

and these opinions mean nothing, they dont care! they will do what they want, its alwasy been like this.


stop trying to complicate publics lives further, its all already hectic any further regulation and tax increase will result in more HIGH BLOOD PREASURE patient!

Asylum Road

Talking about listening to crap, hands up anyone who has swallowed Uber's hand wringing, crocodile tears plaintive cry of "English language test" will destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of drivers?
Who are they kidding?
What they mean is that there will be less slaves putting money in Uber's coffers.


On what evidence was it decided that PH drivers suffer form a paucity of English language ability? As a regular Uber user I have never encountered a problem. Come on please - on what evidence? Lets have no more protection for the black cab monopoly. It operates to the detriment of all Londoners by its gross overpricing and atrocious customer service.


My experience is very different to yours ,i fing uber drivers rude ,unkempt and often plain surly have gone back to black cabs ,fares are not their fault ,how is it a monopoly with 100 k minicabs in and around london ,as for bad customer service what could beceasier ,hold your hand up it stops ,driver knows where hes going ,they all speak english and in my experience very courteous ,methinks you have an agenda sir


I've found the fact you can rate Uber drivers seems to lead them to be more pleasant in general. Perhaps you had a bad couple of experiences? In terms of an agenda, I'd give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He doesn't seem to be actively against black cabs, just thinks things could be improved.


Just doesn't make sense.

I almost stopped reading when I read we are giving £65M to black cabs...followed by we want to create a level playing field. Doesn't add up, does it?

There is no need to stifle technological improvement. Cities (can be replaced by states or people) that cling on to the old soon become 'irrelevant'. Rather than fight the change, one should understand, appreciate and then let the market adopt it 'efficiently'. There is no point trying to manage the market - one will only spend lots of money and get 'inefficiency as a result'.

(If you don't have time/patience see the summary in the end)
Here are some of the changes I have come to know by the description above and by the Mayor's email to me

1. English: If a driver's English is not good people like Bibamlbt (see messages above) will give the driver a bad rating and soon he/she will be 'weeded' out by technology companies (they use ratings to do that)
2. Insurance: All the ride share taxi drivers will have insurance. If you enforce a 'full-year' insurance on a part time driver, it is simply unfair. All you are doing is inviting a change in business model, where insurance companies will start insuring by mile
3. Provision of details: all do that anyway
4. Advanced driving test: What does that even mean? If it is navigation that is problem, who needs navigation. I know so many cab drivers who would use google maps despite knowing the way. And it makes sense as well, since google can tell you live traffic updates and clogs on routes

Summary: The above changes are well-intentioned, but are a costly way of doing something that market will take care of anyway - why waste tax payers money, time at the expense of their convenience?


new regulation is just another waste, 65m to defeat uber i guess..
twit me if uber is good for you or bad?
I need 3k flowers now


Uber and their ilk is bad for everybody ,they have no interest in passengers or drivers just money ,the surge pricing is the ultimate rip off


I do not understand this talk of more robust insurance requirements, private hire insurance is held by all drivers. Most part-time drivers, hire vehicles which are covered by fleet insurance anyway. The English language test will only effect a miniscule number of private hire drivers. Introducing better technology for black cabs will only help a marginal amount if the prices of their fares are to remain the same. As we used to say in business school Cash is King. Maybe Taxi drivers should have to maintain a rating too. Congestion would be helped a hell of a lot more if Transport for London didn't try to inflict 20mph speed limits on an increasing amount of main roads. This as I see it, is a major contributing factor to the falling speed limit argument.


No sir not all ph drivers have proper insurance,they should have it on display like licenced cabs ,fares for black cabbies are fixed by tfl not themselves but i agree about speed limits and how about the ludicrous cycle highway


For all the regulations there is still a great problem with touting pirates and thieves ,i believe there should be one standard for all london cabs ,we have the best cab service in the world but its being destroyed by uber ,their drivers should face the same exacting standards our legendary cabbies face,people are being exploited by companies like uber as the receent court case proved ,the travelling public are entitled to the highest standard of driver and vehicle thats the course we should follow ,not a wild west app free for all

General Genius

I strongly support all the decisions, except the last couple about opening up extra bus lanes for their use. I think this should be restricted to zero emissions vehicles because it is next to the pavement and therefore the greatest pollution risk.
I hope that the end to new licenses for diesl taxis is from 1st jan 2018. Ideally it would be much sooner.

General Genius

English Language test must be both written and spoken, and include all words that might relate to people with access difficulties. Maybe equalities and disability awareness can be incorporated too?

Asylum Road

It might help if the police and TFL tried to get on top of any Tom, Dick, or Harry, driving any old car slowing down next to you at night, and whispering, "Psst, want a cab?"


Big problem is since the inception of uber in london the traffic has become diabolical,traffic was already terrible before uber came along adding 30/40 k cars to that seems utterly insane ,no wonder air quality is deadly we need traffic out of london not increase it with uber


Its not unreasonable for the travelling public to expext drivers to speak good english ,be properly presented and be properly licensed and insured ,surely the minimum requirements ,in my 70 years never had to worry about such things with black cabs , in my view the best cab service in the world and ive used most of them

Asylum Road

I read in the Standard that Islington Council is in discussion with Fabric about a possible re-opening of the club in Smithfield where ecstasy was allegedly freely available, resulting in the deaths of two teenagers.
This must be music to the ears of the hordes of touts who parked outside the place, illegally importuning unsuspecting punters to pay whatever the touts came up with for a fare to get home.
They're no doubt rehearsing their old lines now, "Psst! Taxi guv'nor?


I suggest that there is an audit of the the volume of traffic, and for it to be undertaken routinely. This will help to identify what exactly is happening, and what contributes to pollution. I fear that Uber for example has contributed to the congestion in the streets, and didn't the Mayor promise to control the volume of PH vehicles? This will provide the evidence that is needed to manage the volume of traffic.

Equally important is the associated pollution of traffic. It seems that there is a passive acceptance that the toxic pollution is non-negotiable, even though it is killing people. It was directly related to hospital admissions and long stays last Winter of the frail elderly, and working with these patients directly as I do, it is very worrying to see how the numbers have dramatically risen and the associated challenges to the system to cope. The public has no idea what an acute admission for respiratory distress costs, or ongoing treatment and care/nursing costs. The people responsible for the pollution and its consequences are no way paying for their actions.


London is filled with private hire and it needs to be controlled as ratio of private hire is certainly higher then road cars ans black cabs.also invest and put boxes in black cans and bbuses or trackers as where black cans used to be one of the best now i see them everyday exceeding speed limits parking and blocking road again not driving in the bus lane as they r allowed same for buses they never use thete bus lane atleast in the suburbs or like hayes by pass going into southall or ealings at time and drive on rote lanes.buses and black cabs drive recklessly.private hire drivers are always parked at every mcdonald etc fast food parking hogging parking esp near airport they occupie every single free parking weather its the kfc/starbucks deiver through on bath road or that mcdonald or service weather its service station on the other side of heathrow with a service station its a nusense even the airport bowl is full of them they need to be checks and balances forget english speaking saftey is what im concerned about


I managed to get the gist of that with not too much perseverance and deciphering, but can't agree with some of it.
Yes, London is overfilled with Private Hire/Uber vehicles, Government defeating their own anti-pollution ideas it seems to me.
I guess the boxes that Meehrenizaz refers to for black cabs are like a mixture of tachographs and airplane black boxes, to record speed and hours on the road, no objection from me, but have them in PH too.
Parking and blocking the road? Maybe he means setting passengers down, or picking them up, and what's all that about black cabs and buses NOT using bus lanes, of course they do.
Private Hire certainly congregate in restaurant and gas station car parks all around Heathrow, waiting to be called for a pick-up at a Terminal, or killing time for a pre-arranged pick-up I guess.
It must tick off the restaurateurs, maybe they've reported it, and the Keystone Kops have turned their usual blind eye or deaf ear to it, as they do to the touts who surround night-time venues in the City and West End.


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