Motorbikes are a danger in our congested road

1 week ago (6:49 AM)
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I guess you must be talking about fast food delivery and possibly some couriers? As a Scooter rider (17 years +), I am very responsible, and I believe the majority of motorcyclists/scooter riders are. Also. we are allowed to use the bus lanes in the London area. My apologies for any poor 'motorised' 2 wheel riders...Mike



Mikers117, You must be a decent person because the the way a person drives their vehicle speaks volumes about them.

I have to mention that Motorbikes of any kind using the Bus Lanes would normally be OK but dangerous for the pedestrians crossing a road with the bus lane being on a road with three lanes.



same as motorcyclist, drivers, cyclist and pedestrians, we are all road users. Seems like many of the road users forgot, do not know or do not follow high way code, i would say the Bible of the road. Feels like people became so selfish, that they do not respect others or the rules on the road. High way code, I would say, written on the blood. Lots of people been injured and killed on the road. In my opinion, at schools should be basic education on high way code. same should be for cyclist, like a cbt for motorcyclist. Also penalty higher so it hits reckless drivers pockets.
And for now I would like to say, respect each other on the road, be aware, it is your life in danger!