Introduce more Eco friendly Hire Vehicles to London ASAP!

1 month ago (7:35 PM)
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And please can we have more charging points for Hire and Private vehicles.
Why not plough some of the monies from the 'Diesel' tax to invest in this green infra-structure?


I read somewhere that one London uber cab company is all electric. I have supported black taxis for years, and often use them, but unless they switch to lpg or electric fuel I will be abandoning them. The TfL and Mayor's Ultra Low Emissions Zone proposals are far too weak with regard to delivery vehicles, black taxis and buses. They will only have to use hybrid vehicles that are capable of being zero emissions at the exhaust. To avoid using the diesel power in the most polluted areas while driving a cab around central London would take more logistical skill than most cabbies would be motivated to bother with. It is not as if they can accurately predict where their next few fares will want to go. And no-one can have failed to notice how the hybrid buses are belching out toxic diesel fumes as they trundle through the most polluted areas of central London. And the ULEZ proposals for delivery vans are utterly useless - the road freight lobby nobbled TfL some years back. Such a pity that the new Mayor has not had the strength to deal with these powerful lobbies that want to avoid the costs of switching to clean-fuel vehicles. Instead, the Mayor is going to make residential central side streets into black cab ranks by day, and into deliveries and servicing bays all through the night. Residents will have extra diesel pollution and noise by day and noise and extra diesel pollution all night, with no sleep.