Hand Sanitizer at Tube Stations

2 months ago (4:10 PM)
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Talk London

Hi Tbcwonline,

Thanks for your post! We’ve been in touch with the transport team here at City Hall with your idea and they told us that:

“The provision of hand sanitiser dispensers in the public transport system is not considered to be practicable or likely to deliver a significant reduction in the circulation of respiratory ‘germs’ that would result in an overall noticeable population health benefit. We have taken advice from Public Health England on this issue. Even if the millions of people who use the public transport network were to consistently use hand sanitisers on the network, were they made available, it would be highly unlikely to result in a significant reduction in the number of people infected because exposure to respiratory droplets occurs throughout the day, not just on public transport.

The likelihood of achieving high levels of use are very low. Experience has shown that it is very difficult to reach high levels of public compliance with effective practices that have been recommended for many years, such as washing hands with hot water and soap and covering mouths with a disposable tissue when coughing and sneezing, even during epidemics.”

However, please do continue to share your thoughts with us here!

Talk London Team