Root causes of crime

2 months ago (11:08 PM)
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You have to start from a young age. The education system needs a refresh. We focus too much on algebra and not enough on the realities of life. School shouldn't just be about subjects and grades. It should be about shaping the future generations into decent people with strong futures ahead of them. There also needs to be a recognition that academia is not the answer for everyone. I know so many people who went to university just for the sake of it, and are now in debt with a 3rd class degree from a poor university. What a waste of their time, money and youth! Should be encouraging people to explore more options such as apprenticeships etc. Times are changing. And we must change too.


You have made every good point to be made. Perhaps if politicians stopped trying to force young people into achievements which are impossible, we may just see a happier and therefore less crime-prone society.

General Genius


Agree. Should teach about emotional intelligence, non violent communication skills, empathic listening and social skills too. Tools for life.


We have to start from the individual and how he (or she) feels about himself. People who are deviant tend to have low self esteem, low ambitions overwhelmed by fear, low confidence and, most important of all, lack of self belief, based on how they have been treated when they were young by their families and peers.

A lack of confidence and self belief leads to questions like: "Why should I bother?", and handy scapegoating: "It's everyone else's fault, and Ii shall make them pay." There is a disturbing attitude of uncaring detachment which makes the crimes easier to commit because there is no empathy for the victims.

When we don't care about ourselves, due to low esteem, and feelings of unworthiness, it is difficult to care about others. The overwhelming feeling is to hurt them, to satisfy the resentment and anger inside, and to use such deviance to boost that ego in order to feel significant. The criminal's only way of getting attention and a little bit of power.

If we really want to reduce crime, we have to tackle how criminals and deviants actually feel about themselves, to start with. Anything else will just paper over the cracks of emotional fissure until the next crime opportunity presents itself.


PS...As to homelessness and unemployment, they will always be with us, and they do need addressing. But what dictates the quality of our lives, is our own attitude to life itself and that comes from how we think about ourselves.

I grew up as a child in the most distressing poverty. Yet my own feelings of worth, my ambitions, and my mother's encouragement, despite my father's apathy towards us, made the biggest difference to our lives, compared to the many other kids who lacked those emotional positives and fell by the wayside around us. Resolving homelessness and unemployment certainly helps to reduce crime, but, as I said earlier, it all starts from how we FEEL about ourselves, regardless of the benefits we might have.


It can be very hard to feel good about yourself when you are unemployed, have little education and no training, and can see no hope for the future. I suspect that a lot of people in this situation actually have low level depression, if not more serious depression, and only a few people can just lift themselves out of this. Education continues to fail children and young people, and we currently have both unemployment and skills shortages in the UK. Education should include personal development, it should foster a sense of self-worth. And it is time we went back to having technical colleges, as well as ensuring that teachers are trained to recognise different 'learning styles' that people have and to be flexible enough to teach for different styles.


Yes. There are root causes of crime. The major are the roots - the background of people especially immigrants who don't respect the law at all. Not all nationals have the same moral values as English gentlemen.


It was the values of English gentlemen that gave us the slave trade, sent thousands of Irish out to the West Indies etc to work on plantations as indentured 'servants', took the Irish people's lands and gave it to English gentlemen. The list could go on for ever, right up to the values of today's banking gentlemen and the public school politicians who continued to let them get away with robbing us all blind. If you are a gentleman it is called entrepreneurship and good business, if you are at the lower end of the social scale it is just crime.


So why don't they delete this personal attack on Englishmen. Its Ok for Muslims to say derogatory statements, but not when we point out the bad things Muslims do.


It happens to be the truth, which should not be, and in this case is not, hidden.


The root causes of crime are multiple and varied but here are my main points:

1: Parents need to be parents - Children giving birth to children? - Massive increase in the cradle to the grave benefits culture? - Parents need to be a solid role model for their children, install respect, provide support and would it hurt to take an active interest in their children's lives? Spend quality time with their children. Read books with their children and tell them stories not leave them to their PC to play games and search for excitement on the internet. 'Why should I work, my mum doesn't and she's OK'. What kind of society are we living in when a person can claim benefits for their whole life, have 5, 6, 7, 10 children and live in a nice big house and just keep paying for them. These people will all receive pensions, free medical care, big TVs and those working will pay for it. Society becomes weak when you permit the society to become weak.

2: Teachers need the authority to remove disruptive children from class - This society is too soft and all the good kids who want to learn will lose out due to a few kids who just do not want to be there - Remove all bullies - Record all lessons and call in parents to view the tapes. 3 strike rule - Chucked out of 3 schools? Borstal for a year! For those that are cringing or think I am too hard, please note that 'good' kids do not have the time to get educated with this kind of disruption. The good of the many must come first. I feel so sorry for teachers today - They haven't got a chance.

3: In Singapore, Nigeria, Hong Kong or India, do you think a teacher would permit a child to swear at them? Do we want to be like America? Do you want blood on the streets? Do you want more blood on the streets? And more?

4: Murderers, pedophiles, minimum tariff 30 years - Get these monsters off our streets. What is the re offending rate in this country? Carry a knife you get 5 years. Caught again 10 years. Empty the prisons of your fraud, white collar criminals, non payment of fines - Put them in soup kitchens or help the elderly/homeless programmes. Fine the life out of those that can clearly pay and use the money to build more prisons. A few bankers bonuses could easily pay for a few. Deal with those that are a danger to society. If you are beyond hope, stick them on a farm prison. You eat what you grow!!

5: Why do many kids today think they are smart because they can put on an accent and speak what they consider to be gangster talk? - The slang is cool? Who is going to give a job to someone who answers 'yeah bruv' or 'I need to make some dollars'. Plenty more but no time here.
I interviewed a young man the other day and asked him what experience he had working on the rail infrastructure. His answer to me was 'you know, dis and dat'?????

6: Everyone is good at something. If not academically astute bring in apprenticeships early. Demonstrate that there is opportunity out there. Teachers need to be trained to identify situations that could be addressed by different avenues.

Got to go now I'm afraid so can't finish my rant!


1. Parents - too many parents have to work all the hours God gives just to pay rent and bills, barely able to put food on the table. I have done this. With shopping, cooking, cleaning, working, travel to and from work, very little time was left to spend with the children. But I did spend time with the children, doing the cleaning etc late at night when they were in bed. And after a few years on only four hours sleep per night my health completely collapsed. Sheer exhaustion.

2. Teachers. Classes are far too large and schools are far, far too large to manage as safe well-behaved communities. Schools fail children for a variety of reasons, including teachers' hidden expectations of performance, which affects performance without the teacher or pupil being aware of what is going on. What Borstal does is create aggressive, bullying, youth and teaches them all sorts of criminal skills. No more than that.

3. Agreed that higher standards of discipline are needed in schools. But this starts at home.

4. Already our prisons are over full, and we have more prisoners than most other civilised countries. We totally fail to rehabilitate more than a very tiny number of them. Even though illiteracy rates are much higher among criminals than in the general population, for example. I really don't see why a fraudster who has totally ruined a dozen people's lives should get special white collar, middle class, lesser, punishment.

5. God only knows. Schools are not teaching young people to express proper English with a good vocabulary in writing or in speech. And it should be totally mandatory. Some young people in new first jobs do not understand why they should write a business letter in proper English, fully spelled out words, instead of in txt spk.

6. I am not good at ANYTHING. I know a young person with postgraduate degree who is good at things, but his college has no serious careers help (just a meaningless 15 minutes slot). Most of his friends have 'mentors', family connections in the right places who spooned them into good careers. His family do not have that advantage. Unfair.


I think the key is knowing who you are, your identity and the Country of Origin you are from. I know wherever people come from their bloodline reflects the region of their ancestry. People bloodlines from the UK establish their Culture. I do not think Foreign Bloodlines should be allowed to hold Government Positions in the Original Homeland. This creates distrust. It does not establish nondiscrimination. I do not think London should have a Muslim Mayor, nor think he is our guiding light for Security. Respect your original homeland and you will have security for your people. Disrespect it by not adhering to your Security of Origin, you will have trouble. Muslims Countries would never allow an Englishman to be leader of their Country, so why are we ignorant to this? I also believe Students should be home schooled. More times than not, Students are attacked, bullied, harassed, raped, murdered by going to School. Think of all the money the State can save by having Parents Home School their Children. If you want to play sports then join a sports club or team, but don't think that is a School Requirement. Also if there is to be social responsibility we need to teach our Children the Bible, and the Christian Morals it represents. Too many times we use Government to replace The Lord. Many things the Government says is Good, is not Good according to the Lord or the Bible. The UK is a Christian Nation, we should embrace this. We should embrace Christians in our Government and Leaders. We would not have a Muslim Queen, or a Muslim Prince of Wales. Why would be have a Muslim Mayor of London? There are Cultural Norms you can not push aside, as like you can not push aside the Lord and his rules that are Christianity. I do not advocate the UK as a Police State, in so being people have the freedom to move and live their lives, that do not harm other people. Police should not be carrying Weapons such as guns. We should have Nonlethal weapons for protection, and protecting. It is never right to use Lethal Force, when also the enemy would use. It is right and possible to stop lethal attacks with nonlethal methods. This establishes the Legitimacy, the Security, the Moral High Ground. Foremost seek the Lord for his blessing and Protections, and Miracles. He watches over his own.


Very few people or peoples can be said to be in their original homeland - try looking at serious, peer-reviewed research into the movement of peoples over thousands of years. And this is the UK, where there cannot be many of the pure indigenous people around at all. Even the Celts probably migrated inwards, and most people have mixed 'bloodlines'. In recent times we have had incomers such as Romans, including mercenaries and soldiers from all over the Roman Empire, Angles, Saxons, other peoples from Scandinavian areas. The Normans of course, who were Norsemen who moved into what is now part of France.

And 'Muslim' is not a 'bloodline'. Muslims follow the Islamic religion. And don't forget that Christianity is no more native to the British Isles than is Islam or Hinduism. And what on earth makes you think that most parents are qualified to home school their children, particularly at degree level and beyond? That takes experts in the various disciplines.


No they aren't. Been to China lately? Ah they all look Chinese to me. Seriously, are you kidding me? How many westerners live on the Marshall Islands, or in Iraq, and Syria, let alone Russia? I can say I am Welsh born in the US, and can't even get back to my real home land. Muslims are a bloodline, MIddle Eastern, Indonesian, Turkish,. If Parents are not qualified to home school their children, they don't have the right to even think the rest of society is responsible for them, or even think they have the right to work at any job anywhere. Universities are a scam. The System only use kids, and students for their profit taking. So many so called Experts have created what in the world? Debt slaves, Wars, Murder, and people who have no choice but commit crimes.. And why are you replying to me? Lots of other comments here? Must be you have something else on your mind, than criticizing. It's my opinion dude. I think if people go to their native homelands, they will become in tune to who they are, and what they are doing. Even thanking God for where he brought you and your ancestors into the world, for a reason.


Muslims never were a bloodline, they are people who follow the religion called Islam, which has spread into Africa and Asia as well as Europe.
If people all returned to their 'native' homelands, the US would empty and there would be standing room only in the UK. Not practical. I am sorry that you cannot get back to the land of your forefathers. Have you visited Wales?
As for universities - sadly the UK has been shifting towards a US model, charging high tuition and other fees to students, but without the same level of bursaries and scholarships coming from the private sector and individuals to enable more universal access. The need to cut costs and attract funding has probably not improved UK universities from a student's perspective.
I don't see how it can be only experts who are responsible for debt slavery, wars, murder and criminality. You don't need to be an expert to be a rabble-rouser, inciting people into sectarian violence - the ignorant, the uneducated, anybody, might have the particular character traits that give rise to charisma and the desire to blame another 'group' for whatever ills an elite or system has wished on his or her community.

How can any one pair of parents have all the knowledge needed to home educate their children at degree level? They cannot be simultaneously particle physicists, varieties of engineers, historians, experts in many languages, biochemists, qualified in many medical fields, art experts, anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, physiologists, anatomists, mathematicians, philosophers, economists, artists, and so-on. They would have to call upon other people to help out - hence schools and universities arise. And how can they not have the right to work because of not being all these things. And without working, and working in higher paid jobs, how can parents pay for the freelance tutors their offspring would need?

What we do need is schools that recognise that children and young people do not all learn in the same way, and teachers who are trained to use techniques for the different learning 'styles' that they come across in their pupils. 'Style' is used for this, as if it was a fashion; it is a bad term for something that runs deeper than that. Also, I think schools should be much, much smaller than they usually are now, especially secondary schools.

And God brought my ancestors into the world in a wide range of locations, and they moved over time into other locations.


My comments are being deleted. And people should know that this Forum is pro Muslim because the Mayor is Muslim, a guy who believes in the down fall of Christianity.


No surprise there really. Why I don't even bother with the forums.


Not only yours. I think it's good idea to keep our emails where you can get the evidence of those 'offensive posts'.
It's funny that they sign it as Talk London, no name.


And I do not only reply to you.


Focus on mental health and resilience , introduce positive companions (friends) and role models. Check for medical issues like schizophrenia etc and manage where possible. Unfortunately, some people are pathological criminals...and focus should be on identifying and protecting rest of society.

General Genius

Video games which normalise criminal activities shoukd be more strictly controlled. Perhaps a tax on sales of certain titles, with the proceeds going to charities that help rehab offenders and work with victims?



As the popular increases tackling various crimes will become even more difficult unless there are fundamental changes applied ahead.

1. Irrespective of good parents, children need lessons in schools about the importance of good manners, respectfulness and the damage drugs and crime can do to a persons life.

2. Various Community work across the UK for the homeless and unemployed will be ideal, so they never lose their bearings in life. Community work would help enrich them with self worth, aid them with skills and put them on a good and promising path in life, which means lower crime statistics for London.

General Genius


I knew a guy who at 18 did something stupid after a row with his Mum. He went to prison an innocent kid with a promising future. When he came out he was a drug user, and had learnd how to steal cars, burgle houses, shoplift and make minor explosive devices. Prisons cost a fortune to run and do not reduce reoffending rates at all - rather the opposite. It makes no sense. Nly those who are a danger to sociery should be locked away. There must be some other kind of rehab program or financial or other punishment for offenders.