Keeping children and young people safe

1 month ago (3:17 PM)
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School is a big problem,if we see more police outside schools and shops. I take my son to and from school every day,if i didn't I couldn't rest. The main road on the A10 (Edmonton County ) it's very scary to see some of the kids running in front of lorries ,cars and cyclists, if something is not done someone is going to be seriously injured or killed.


Agree that this is a problem. However I think it is up to parents to teach their children the safe way to get to school (just as you are doing with your child which is awesome!!), I do not think extra police officers present would make much difference. Schools already do their bit in road safe education, parents need to step it up because you're right it is a disaster waiting to happen all over the country


Yes, schools play a big part in educating children about how to keep themselves safe, but I think parents need to be the first educators around this and also positive behaviour. However, many parents do not have the skills/tools to know how to do this so often parents need support themselves. There needs to be firm consequences for people hurting children (physically, emotionally and mentally). I am a teacher so know that a good partnership between child/school/parent is vital.


My daughter is now in secondary school and what I think, the big problem is that maybe all teachers what best for our children but they still ingnore a lot what is going on. Any of my daughter friends feel that they may get help at school if there is a problem. She is telling about her or her friends problems and asking me what she or htey should do because they feel that school wil ignore them.
But what is really good is that there is Police Officer at school who we know and you can always go and talk to her, ask for help or advise. The bad is that a lot of young people think that Polce will put you in trouble, they won't help you. And this is something that should be change.

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Thanks for your comments so far - many of you have mentioned schools and the role they play. How important is it to you that your child’s school has a named police officer to speak to about safety issues and how to keep safe?

Who do you think should take primary responsibility for keeping children and young people safe – how much is it a job for the police, parents, schools or young people themselves? What steps would you like to see the Mayor take to protect young people?


Yes schools do play a big role and yes a schools police officer should be available to speak to students about all issues to do with keeping safe. The relationship needs to be developed more so that young people have the confidence to work with the police to air their issues. There is sadly a divide between the police and young people and this needs addressing


I agree, young people growing up in London have this mentality that all police are 'bad'. Which is obviously not true. If there was a better relationship then I'm sure a lot more children would grow with attitude of working with the law.


Must agree with that totally unjustified ,seems to be a them and us situation ,that parents must take the blame for


I'm worried how easy it is for paedophiles to roam our streets and schools. There should be more CCTV in schools and in classrooms monitoring what's going on.


CCTV could help if the views can tell the difference between happy cpouples making out where one may be older and somone being forced against their will in teens or obvious;ly if a pre pubescent.

But if you actually want to protect kids you teach them martial arts like krav Maga,or ninjitisu and teach them how to use their surroundings, what they have on them or can pick up as improvised weapons and drilling tem hown to precisely strike to take somone down perminatly, if need be or if its somone handling more than the young person is happy for them to, how to impose finger and hand locks to make them grovelin pain and appologise as publically and as humilating as possible showing Mr ininvited groupie who is boss and how your ass is above their datign grade.


there parents who sexualise their children. Dressing girls in revealing and adult styled clothing and make up. these parents should be sent to prison. simple as that.


Hear hear



if we are talking 7 year olds you have a point, no point wearing a

'Popular clothing item that young females wear that is wraps around the top half of their chest and tends tends to be figure hugging' (sorry but not allowed to use the term everyone understands and uses for this item of clothing as deemed to be too explicit)

When there is no growth in female human anatomy that may and may not occur in a human females biological transformation that occurs Between the ages of 8 and 13 in most human females... I would use the term that anyone studying biology would use beginning with Pub and ending in y but for some silly reason litteral language here is a problem as deemed too explicit even though we are all adults here.

The point being there is no point wearing a tubular clothgin item beginning with a B if the person in question have not grown the two body parts that the term commonly slang term beggining with a b refers to. For those finding difficulty with this non explicit language these body parts may later in life be used for feeding offspring... <<<< hopefully such a description is not too explicit.

Then there is no point wearing them

Likewise if you are pre (the human body change starting with a P) then wearing clothing that draws attention to human body zones that may be associates with physical attraction in a female that im not allowed to specifically mention as this would be too explicit to refer to the part of the human that you sit on... it begins with a B

These maybe a form of very short trousers or a skirt that was referred to by most people pre so called appropriateness and fear of language of an explicit nature beginning with an M and also used to describe a form of car made popular in the movie 'The Itallian job'

May not be logical. it makes far more sense to wait till you are of an age that has gone though biological change and have your body producing chemicals that begin with the letter H that produce feelings of attraction and reproductive activity interest and affection, where a human female may wish to attract such attention with her body that leads to the practicing of passionate affection that may involve body stroking (is that too explict?) and a common form of passionate bonding that begins with a K and sounds like hissing. the combination of said stroking and the K word deemed too explicit by conservative sensitive moderators) being an activity adolescents due to the H word for a form of chemical that starts with the letters Horm.

Are generally driven to want to do with partners they attract with said clothing items that draw attention to body areas that are deemed too explicit to refer to in langauge most people would understand, that said females would be having thoughts about doing activities of a reproductive nature with as they have similar thoughts as males. Often with the females as well as the males wanting to carry out these activities to a level referred to by americans as a 3rd base level (hopefully that was not too explicit).

Adolescents are growing up as trainnee young adults and want to date, flirt (apologies if the term flirt is deemed too explicit as I could not think of a vaguer term) be wanted, they just need supervision incase they bite off more than they can hew with anyone who wont respect their limits and to make sure they experiences are positive and safe.

Much better under parents roof than some forest. Much safer in the affectionate activity of a nature involving outer mouth parts pressing together in a manner thats deemed passionate and affectionate with hand stroking' sofa put behind the bike sheds with a panic button and camera...And if you dont want your kid hurt you dont repress them you have them TRAINED IN 'activity of a nature that you can defend yourself with

Now Im sorry if this is very confusing and makes little sense I have had to re write this as the moderators here were upset I used explict direct and specific terms (often one word) that pretty much everyone would understand and leave no ambiguity.

if it any wonder adolescents have such problems and we have so many teen pregnancies when nobody is allowed to talk about these things in a littleral, specific manner using commonly understood words just incase someone oversentive may be offended?

Surely it makes a whole lot more sense to be understood properly by everyone being explicit? so no misundertanding?


Myself I think it comes from the gaming industry. I am a 60 year old gamer and have been for many years the abuse these children are using in these gaming rooms is disgusting and when they finish they take it onto the streets.
I have listened to children on these games like Modern Warfare, GTA 5,, as young as 7 shouting abuse at people. Parents in gaming shops buying these 18 games for their children knowing full well that it is against the law. Not enough Cyber Police listening to what is going on on PSN and XBOX rooms. They need ro act now or risk more violence on our streets.

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Thanks all for your views posted above. These will all be analysed along with all responses to our policing and crime survey, which closed yesterday. We’ll leave this thread open for further discussion, however. 

We’ve added a new post to our blog with a thank you message from the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime. This also sets out what happens next in creation of the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan.

Thanks again!

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London is a great place to live even with children but as the population increases isolation become a big factor and this is what make people feel indifferent to others and gives birth various serious problems.

The time has arrive for each areas to create a family community which should include family activities, this will make such a huge positive difference to all children growing in London.

As for crossing the roads, well even adults are scared of crossing most of the busy roads around London now days.



Judging from comments here about the importance of parents to be more involved in crime prevention and reducing knife crime in particular, it looks like a London Parents Forum perhaps in each neighbourhood police area would be quite useful. They could be set up to be the link between parents in local areas and the Police, and act as sounding.advisory group that Police can engage with on a regular basis. Funding for these can come from the Met and City Hall. What do people think?