The Burglary epidemic in London and the 20% 'solved' rate...

7 months ago (4:50 PM)
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Monsieur est correct, le taux de vol et cambriolage irrésolu se sont fortement augmenté pendant les dernière quatre ou cinq années. Ce n’est pas une question de manque de policier, ni une question de la compétence de la police. Pour améliorer la situation ce sont les habitants de Londres qui doivent réagir, et ils doivent réagir de manière fort.
Je propose que chaque quartier forment une brigade (armée si c’est possible) et elle fait des patrouilles les matins, les après-midi et les nuits. La participation est obligatoire pour tous les gens de moins de 50 ans.
En même temps, la peine pour les malfaiteurs doivent être beaucoup plus sérieuse. Tous ce qui trouvés coupable d’acte de vol ou de cambriolage ou d’assaut contre d’autre personnes devraient condamnés à prison à perpétuité.


I too do not understand police lack of response to these kind of incidents. Especially when cctv is available.


It will be much worse when Turkey enters EU. We must protect our borders.


Burgled four times since 2004-2016 in my area alone, despite having all the security measures including security grills. Never any witnesses or suspects, left to deal with the trauma of the experience quantified by having to deal with an insurance company for seven months who try every tactic not to pay out. London is getting worst by the day.


From my experience of burglaries here in London the police are simply not organised well enough to deal with the case. I was asked to identify the burglars by looking at photographs of possible suspects that somehow fit my description. The photographs I was shown for identification were shockingly poor in quality. All of them were taken in different angles, there appears to be no policy on how to take a decent picture of a suspect in order to show the facial features best. Also the time factor is a major problem as the police processing the case takes very long. I learned that I cannot trust the police with solving the crime and that I have to make sure that my house is as safe as it can be.