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I travel Drive to work from Essex to Sutton daily have to because of large amount of tools can you start spending some congestion money on repairing the thousands of pot holes as this is becoming a serious issue 6 punctures in as many months must be dangerous for both cyclists pedestrians and poor white van man

cathy burns

I used to get that many punctures just parking my car outside my house......much better now I have off street parking.


Really? How can you get punctures from parking your car? Sounds more like something you were doing wrong or someone sabotaging your car.

cathy burns

Most likely due to the amount of skips/refurbishment/building work constantly going on in a lot of residential streets or maybe the streets not being swept frequently enough. The garage round the corner would often tell me there would be a few in that week from my road. My next door neighbour in the new place who parks on the street having the same problem but now I am fine that I have a drive!


Seems like a fairly limited experience limited to your street only. Are you mentioning it as you want action taking?

cathy burns

No just responding the guy who said the potholes in the road were causing all his punctures. I have only lived in two roads in London in the past 22 years but both have the same problem...maybe I am just unlucky!


You miss the point, the cameras are there for raising money, every opportunity is taken to pick on motorists in London, the Congestion charge, why was it dropped for west London, because all the rich live there if not then why is it only to the East of town, why not be fair and remove it from there too?
Safety doesn't come into it, it really is about persecuting people, that's one reason why people outside London think we're all rude or angry in London, how would you feel if you were being watched at every opportunity?
You think London is bad, have a look at Nottingham, they have "safety cameras" a plenty and quite why some of them are on long open roads is beyond me, no pedestrians around and, ok safety isn't only about pedestrians but, on this particular rd you'd have to be blind or just plain mad to collide with anything, so really and most definitely, Nottingham are using it to raise funds and to annoy people.

Silver fox

In Harrow we have a 24 hour Bus lane, but the buses don't run 24 hours, surely the council have a good reason for this... lol. Harrow again 4 seconds on a bus stop dropping my wife at the station.. ticket issued.. i know its wrong but 4 seconds.. disproportionate.. you don't get that at court for your first or second burglary these days. Cameras are cash cows...the county forces use them much more than the Met and speed cameras are often set at the ACPO limits out there... cash cows?... certainly. The councils should be made to publish league tables for cash cow receipts... Traffic causing a problem, prevent it, don't tax it.


It's why we're so cross all the time. We're being squeezed for every penny so the councils can spend it on cluttering up the roads with ever more kerbstones sticking out everywhere, and go "Look everyone! This is sure to make everything safe!", when in fact it is almost always downright dangerous. You should see Crouch End Hill.


You might be missing the point. Londoners don't have much need to drive as public transport is so good. Without these 'restrictions' more Londoners and tourists would drive making the roads much busier.

So the reduction in motorists absolutely makes the streets safer.

I'm all for it. I drive too. Its quite easy not getting a fine. Don't speed, drive cautiously, pay attention and don't drive into yellow hatching if the other side isn't clear.

Funny one of the other comments mentions Nottingham. I'm from there originally. The speed cameras are great. Everyone drives at the speed limit as they have to. Its second nature now. I don't have any figures to hand but presumably the roads are safer. They certainly feel safer.


I avoid the congestion charge by using public transport, but I do think that people who need their own transport for work should be exempt. For example plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc. can not carry their essential tools of the trade by public transport.


How would you go about enforcing this exemption. Then what's to stop these people using their work vehicles for personal errands. It's seems pretty much unworkable. Or much too expensive to implement.


Yellow boxes are there for a reason, that 4 seconds can cause massive tailbacks very quickly due to the number of cars. The traffic lights are only on for short periods. So no sympathy from this Londoner. No entry signs are also pretty much universal so not sure why you went through it??? You're just made because you finally got caught for your bad driving whereas you get away with it at home.


Cities have to stop being car and van orientated. It's tough. It it's the way things are


Oh, that's really terrible thing - you make an offence and you have to pay for it. Soon even rapists will be jailed.