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4 months ago (11:59 PM)
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The parks in London are looking better than ever... they are an amazing rescource to be treasured and protected forever.

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Great to hear it, Pooh. What do you most enjoy using the parks for?

- Jon
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Actually, looking at the parks they look very dry, not as green as they used to be and not mowed precisely. I also thought that the olympics have not helped where the big screens were it seems new grass needs to be laid on.
I enjoy using the parks of London just to get away from the concrete jungle so to speak. Not only that they have very old trees which represent the history of london and provide natural shade. and the grass reminds of what is great of England - "pasture's green". Also it relaxes after being in shoes most of the day.

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Hi chatterbox - I certainly agree about the history in the trees, I enjoy wondering how many other people have sat in their shade over the years! As for the grass, which parks have you noticed to be this way?

- Jon
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Yes, easy access to nearby parks. But the air is so polluted that jogging there would seriously damage the lungs.


I say easy access, but actually the nearby part of the park is out of bounds for a few weeks during the summer as it is taken over for concerts for wealthier people, and then for weeks and weeks during winter while the huge concerts area is being repaired. It must cost a fortune to have concerts there, and it makes it hard for a lot of local people, eg with kids after school, to just pop in to the park for some exercise, as they have to go further to find space that is not fenced off.

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Hi livehere - thanks for your comments here too.

Just wanted to let you know that we'll soon be starting up some air pollution conversations in the Environment section (My Neighbourhood).

I'll be flagging them up in the community newsletter and via Twitter when we do.

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Stephen Morris

True about hyde park being overused and ruined in the process. Back in the sixties Hyde Park had some famous concerts.....they were open air concerts with no barriers or entry fees. Using public parks for commercial concerts is wrong. it closes the park to everyone who is not paying. Its a loss of facility. It is ugly. It is exclusive. Public parks were created as free open spaces not for money making concerts. There are many concert halls or provate open air spaces for these events.


Royal Parks always insist that without the concerts they do not have sufficient income to maintain the parks. But with the concerts come destruction of large grassed areas, then requiring remedial works that keep those areas closed for weeks or months. The public is deprived of access to a substantial area of park during the concerts and then during remediation. If thousands of Royal Parks users (the ones who enjoy parks as green, relaxing or exercising areas), were to lobby MPs and parliament, maybe we could get grants levels raised again.

Stephen Morris

One other thing....Hyde Park
The riding ring was restored but the facilities for horse riding were not improved. It is sad to see Hyde Park with so few riders. They need to build new stables and reintroduce horse riding and training for children on horses in Hyde Park and other parks.
Also...Pedalos on the Serpentine....ugly! We can do better....pleeeeease.


But so elitist! Only the wealthy can afford riding in Hyde Park. And leave the people's pedalos alone! There are also rowing boats, are there not?


Plenty of parks around Wandsworth, but you have closed all the toilets: big problem for anyone with a bladder problem, but I guess the council don't care.


There was something on the news today (BBC website?) about how many boroughs are now without any public toilets. Having flogged them off, of course. They are essential in parks, for adults and for children.

phil. Carter

Keep Briton Tidy

Fiona Cunningha...

We must stop any further corporate vandalism of our parks....and it is vital that they not be privatised. Our parks are our only chance for some peace and a tiny relief from pollution.


I have a park across the road from me but often I will drive away from the dirty area I live in to visit a better maintained, clean, attractive park! My local park is disgustingly dirty, with fly tipped rubbish bags in it, litter strewn all over and if your really lucky a cab driver relieving themselves behind a tree.....


There's a park just across the street here, I go there and relax 2-3 times a week.
I believe parks are the lungs of a city, there should be one in every neighbourhood.
The parks in London however, are better than ever before.


It makes me sad to see so many negative comments in this discussion. When I am is the park, the open space invites me to look up at the sky or enjoy the sun slanting through the trees. It is a sorry state if we can only be concerned with litter or lack of loos. "Try to praise the mutilated world" is what Adam Zagajewski wrote in his poem......and I tend to agree with him.


Dispite the fact that I have a garden and love gardening there is something wonderful and liberating about being in my local park. As a park lover I believe my local park to be the most beautiful in all of London's local parks, however lack of Council funds means that many locals have now become volunteers for our park, and they all do a fabulous job.

As our popular increases in each area particularly with the new buildings which nearly all lack any green spaces, our parks are now even more essential to our human existence.