3 months ago (8:54 PM)
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The public had presented many good and obvious ideas to help reduce the various health risk generated by Air & Noise Pollution, unfortunately, those who are responsible for London are continuing to PROCRASTINATE!.

Pollution is a concern in cities based in larger countries however, Pollution and its affect in London are extremely worrying as London is based on island.

If the Governments really loved and cared for this country they would never had allowed it to become so overly polluted to the detriment of its people.

We are all just mortals wanting a health existence in a health environment,

Apart from walking and cycling we need better affordable transport links even to the nearby Airports (which many a car is destine to on the North Circular) to discourage people from relying on private vehicles.



The solutions are straightforward - people driving less. Asking them nicely won't work due to selfishness. I have no choice but to drive etc

Extend the congestion charge zone
Ban diesel cars
Make cars with a single driver pay more
Name and shame local authorities
Ban parking within half a mile of schools
Car free days



Why don't we restrict road traffic in London when air quality is really poor? Paris and other cities have an alternate day driving ban. Can't we introduce the same system here?