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I agree completely. Anyone would think they were smoking shelters!


I gave up smoking 9 years ago, when I started running again, but love second hand smoke. I never use public transport but often stand in a shelter just to get my fix of second hand smoke. I love it but can see how others would hate it.... who is going to stop the smoker ? You ? The overworked cops ?


TFL or whoever is responsible should make the NO SMOKING signs BIGGER & more VISIBLE!! When SMOKERS are challenged, the excuse is always the same. There they are, sitting under the Shelter, smoking, with lots of people waiting for a Bus, with some people coughing and asking them to stop etc!!! What do these SMOKERS say?? "How do you expect me to see the sign when, (1) it is so small and (2) the signs are located way above eye level"??? They do actually have to crane and crank their necks and heads, then look way up, to be able to see these small tiny signs!! TFL may be saving money by putting up these small, tiny signs but the people with RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS, end up costing the NHS more and suffering on a personal level. I have been personally abused and threatened by SMOKERS for daring to speak up while coughing, coughing and coughing as yes, I do have a lung problem myself!! Babies, old people, young people etc, there is no age limit, upper or lower for people with different RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS!! Mayor Khan, please get the NO SMOKING SIGNS made bigger and displayed at eye level so that SMOKERS have no excuses. Thank you!!!


Agreed, it would be great to be able to breathe smoke-free air while waiting for a bus. Smokers might not care if they get lung cancer, but I do care about my health,


I wonder if Marina should consider opening a window?


Before i'm hated on by all the non smokers out there, let me put this out.
I am an asthma sufferer that takes 3 pumps daily.
A bus shelter is simply that, it is not a room with no windows and a door or an enclosed space. A bus shelter is an open space therefore, there is no basis or merit to make an open space bus shelter a no smoking zone. A ridiculous idea that's laughable, it's no wonder smokers continue to smoke/
I mean come on now, what next? People with contagious diseases will be told they can't breath in a bus shelter...Oh please!


Thanks rustinal for some well needed sanity on this subject.

I agree, the no-smoking regulations define a public space where smoking is prohibited as being "substantially enclosed". I am not aware of any case law where this definition is further defines, but I can't see that a bus shelter open to the elements is "substantially enclosed".

Responsibility for enforcement of no smoking regs. appears to lie with local authorities. I'm not clear on who the bus shelters actually belong to and whether they have any enforcement rights therein.


It's against the law to smoke in a bus shelter. The smoking legislation is complicated but in most places where there's a roof smoking is not allowed. This is to protect people's health.


I entirely agree. In California it is illegal to smoke near doorways and bus shelters. I hate breathing in someone else's cigarette smoke


I also agree ompletely.

I am sick of seeing people - including TFL staff - smoking underneath bus shelters.

The signs should be lowered, made bigger and a large fine should be imposed on those who smoke in the "No Smoking" area.

I'd also like to have 100 metre No Smoking areas outside all bus, tube and train stations to stop those of us who hate cigarette smoke having to walk through walls of it - created by nicotine addicts craving their fixes when they take their first few steps out of a bus, train or underground station or their last few drags before going into one.


Sorry but i just had to comment again as i'm simply fed up with all the whinging and moaning about this.
A 100 metre no smoking area outside all bus stations to stop walking through clouds of cigarette smoke?..oh please!
I think people are missing the point, the operative word here is "Outside" and it means just that, outside!
You don't like cigarette smoke, don't breath it in then, walk away, walk around it, it's as simple as that.
If a person was in a wheelchair you'd have to walk around them wouldn't you so whats the difference?
There is a lot more serious and dangerous pollutants in the air than second hand smoke from cigarettes that's for sure.
Stop smoking in the open air so people don't have to breath in smoke?..that's petty.
If you're going to be petty about that, then why don't you have a 100 meter no hygiene area for all those commuters breathing stinking gingivitis bad breath all over us of a morning?..that pollutes my lungs, or how about banning people with stinking BO who couldn't be bothered to wash or use about that? that stink pollutes my lungs as well!!
Or what about banning people that have no manners coughing and sneezing all their germs all over us every day because they can't be bothered to use a tissue or put their hands over their mouths?
I think people need to sort their priorities out here and put things in perspective.
There are children in this world starving to death and dying daily and what are you moaning about?..breathing second hand smoke that you have to choice not to breathe, do yourselves a favour and get a grip!!


Cigarette smoke causes illness and death, that's why there's smoking legislation to protect the public. If you notice people coughing around you it could be because they're inhaling your smoke.


Rustin also has shown their ignirance by suggesting non smokers don't breathe it in, just walk around cigarette smoke. Well if some walking in front of you exhales their cigarette smoke you can't help walking into it. You also get it from people exhaling it as they walk past you,

I agree there are children in this world starving and that they have a more important need for food than we have for smoke free streets, which is why I donate to them each month.

But all pollution needs to be addressed in this country including smoking, caused by "nicotine addicts" aka smokers getting their fixes.



What was it you said i showed?..oh yes, "Ignorance"
Well my friend, the moment you insulted me was the moment you lost any moral high ground you may have had however, i forgive you!!

As for your comment of " if some walking in front of you exhales their cigarette smoke you can't help walking into it" is without merit.

If you are walking behind a person who is smoking and you are aware of that, don't walk behind them!
If you already know that If they exhale you'll get smoke in your face, don't walk behind them!
After all, no one is forcing you to walk behind them are they?'s not rocket science is it?

Let's offer a scenario:
When you're sitting behind a vehicle that's pumping out dangerous and toxic exhaust fumes that's filling you car up and chocking you to death, what do you do?
You wind up your window, drop back, change lanes, move away, what you don't do is just sit there and breath it in do you? same thing applies with SHS (second hand smoke).

I acknowledge that breathing in second hand smoke has a small "risk" however, so does just about everything else we do in life.
There are no laws that state smoking or the intake of SHS is illegal and until such times as it's crime, you're never going to stop it and even then, they'll still be scumbgas out there who'll still do it and break that law anyway.

I have the choice with regard to breathing SHS and It's not illegal to smoke however, it is illegal however to use a mobile phone whilst driving.
Yet there are still thousands of morons out there who know it's dangerous and illegal but still drive using a mobile phone and placing thousands of lives at risk daily.

The powers that be have confirmed with legislation that there is more risk with driving with a mobile phone than there is with smoking.
If smoking and SHS are that bad, why haven't they made those illegal as well?

What we should be addressing are the scumbags that let their dogs defecate on our streets and leave it there.
There's another health issue that the powers that be consider a minor risk yet there are various amounts of diseases associated with cat and dog faeces that are highly dangerous to our health.
Toxocariasis from dog faeces causes serious illness and even blindness.
Symptoms of toxocariasis can include seizures, breathing difficulties, a very red and painful eye, and clouded vision, usually only in one eye.
Left untreated, toxocariasis can cause permanent loss of vision in the affected eye.
Eggs become infectious between 10-21 days....

I could go on forever, there are thousands of issues in the world that need addressing however, you're never going to address them all.

In humans, it's in our nature to destroy ourselves....major drag huh?



When I'm walking down the street I can't always see whether the person in front or the person or people in front of them is smoking. It's ususally once I've had the misfortune of inhaling cigarette smoke that I move away on it. Believe me I don't stay near where I see it, just like you don't purposely tread in a dog turd if you see it on the pavement. Do you? If you're like me you will walk around it. And like I've already said, people often walk past me, either because I'm tired and walking slower than them, or they're walking in the opposite direction to me. If they exhale cigarette smoke when walking past me I get unwanted smoke as well as the continual smoke coming off the end of the cigarette.


Speak for yourself, it's not in my nature to destroy myself! I have no desire whatsoever to inhale your smoke and smoking in a bus shelter is an offence.


With regard to the homeopathynews post, again this comment is without merit

A 2010 House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on homeopathy said that homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebos, and that the principles on which homeopathy is based are "scientifically implausible".
This is also the view of the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies.

What India should be doing is teaching prospective doctors real medicine, then perhaps they wouldn't come to to the UK and think the answer to all ailments is a prescription for Paracetamol!


I also strongly agree.

I'm fed up with the number of people I see smoking underneath the bus shelters outside Victoria Station. Some of them are TFL employees - bus drivers, inspectors, etc. - and they won't do anything because this country has a habit of "Only shutting the door after the horse has bolted".

Look at smoking on the underground...It took the Kings Cross fire to stop that and it will take a fire at somewhere like Victoria Station, to stop smoking aunderneath bus shelters and at bus stops.

There was an Arriva employee pacing up and down at the 73 bus stop this morning at about 08:10, puffing away. Our bus doors were open so some of his smoke came into the bus!


install solar smoke detectors under the bus shelter


I agree with you greenwich1


I applaud this post! I am so fed up of having to stand in the rain when smokers huddle under the cover of the bus shelter. I have asthma so it's important for me to move away from smokers. I've given up telling people they're not allowed to smoke in bus shelters because they usually don't believe me and some are belligerent. I was beginning to think I'd dreamt the no-smoking laws! Every bus shelter should have a huge no-smoking sign at eye level.