Front Gardens are for flowers not for dumping rubbish

2 months ago (9:00 PM)
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I absolutely agree with this poster. I don't understand why landlords allow their properties to be contaminated with rubbish by tenants and others. Neither can Inunderstand why the councils allow people to place recycling on the street outside their gardens. I understand the need for recycling but I have seen two incidents of elderly people hurting the,selves by walking into large recycling objects on the pavements. These homeowners need advice and if they continue should be find for dumping.


It should be the tenants who get fined too. I am a tenant, time poor and short of money but I keep my rented home like it I would if I owned it. I love to garden and clean and sweep the pavement just outside my garden. I get really annoyed though by other lazy tenants in my street and local area who dump anything and everything outside in their gardens. The house up the road has a three piece suite in the front garden for weeks despite the council doing cheap large item collections. Across the road they have had a fridge in the front garden for several months now! It just makes the area look awful. I weep for the days when I was a kid in the 70's when everyone had a beautiful plant laden front garden.


I agree with you. I live in a private road, most people are owner occupyers, but there are a number of houses in the privated rented sector and ytou can tell. Drives and gardens are over grown...
but my next door neighbour owns her house and her drive is rather like a market stall from the rough end of Brick Lane...


I'm agree with the author. This is a deep problem and it must be solved ASAP!
I and ready to help!


I agree with the above as long as the council empty bins without rejecting half of the rubbish.


Landlords & Council r 2 peas in a pod! very much money hungry & also both do not give a damn about the environment nor do they serve the community well, its a absolute disgrace to see the rubbish being dumped in our neighbourhoods especially in front gardens, what is the point of regeneration when our councils do not want to tackle the problem,


I agree with you Cosmo, I see this rubbish on a daily basis and it is very disheartening I wish the Landlords & councils had more self respect not only for themselves but for others living in the areas! we know they are rentals but even still that should not make any difference to how we should be living!