Ban fireworks for public uses

2 weeks ago (11:47 AM)
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I agree. It is really dangerous its even been aimed at police by teenagers. It will cause more harm than good.


What is the point of fireworks except to be a bloomin' nuisance and cause fear to not only animals but also those who may have come back from war zones with PTSD. Considering all the games and exercises that have been banned under Health & Safety isn't about time fireworks went the same way. Lets be honest we are 'celebrating' a group of terrorist who tried to blow up parliament.



It is no longer just one day for fireworks, either. Apart from random buying by mischievous kids, there are fireworks at Hallowe'en, Bonfire Night, Divali ...fireworks sometimes detonated on the day, or on the weekend nearest. Home and public displays are ever larger. Doesn't anyone involved think of domestic animals or wildlife having explosions set off nearby? I Imagine if it was us suffering unexpected and prolonged explosions near our homes.

On New Year's eve the capitals of the first world vie with each other as to who can have the
finest display. The shocking waste of money, the smoke contributing to bad air, the noise for animals...
all these should be considered by the authorities.