The Healthy London Partnership - transforming health and care

Earlier this year NHS England and London’s 32 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) launched their plan to make London the world’s healthiest global city. This followed on from the work of the London Health Commission, which many of you fed views into here on Talk London.

Thanks to the hard work of dedicated NHS staff in London the plan has now reached the next level – the delivery stage - and the Healthy London Partnership has sprung up to see this through. The aim is to take London from seventh in the global healthy city rankings, to the number one spot.

Transforming health and care in London

The work of the Healthy London Partnership is focused on 13 transformation programmes. Each programme aims to solve a different health and care challenge faced by the capital. All aim to make prevention of ill health and care more consistent across the city. One particular problem is clearly that Londoners often have real trouble getting a GP appointment. As a result there’s now a specific strategy to support new ways of working for GPs, which should help to improve this situation.

The transformation programmes will focus on the following:

  • Preventing ill health and making Londoners healthier
  • Giving London’s children the best start in life
  • Transforming care for Londoners experiencing mental illness
  • Enabling all Londoners to access the best cancer care in the world
  • Joining up services to transform the lives of the homeless
  • Transforming London’s urgent and emergency care system
  • Transforming London’s primary care
  • Creating world class specialised care services
  • Making more efficient use of NHS buildings and land 
  • Aligning funding and incentives to encourage transformation of care
  • Developing London’s workforce to enable transformation of care
  • Connecting Londoners and health and care providers to allow for access to records and information
  • Ensuring that Londoners are engaged and involved in their own health and the health of their city

Next steps and collaboration

There’s a role for all Londoners in helping to make the capital the healthiest it can be. The Healthy London Partnership is committed to collaborating to get the best possible results for everyone. Many of you will have already been involved with our research here for the London Health Commission - a series of discussions and polls. Alongside the online engagement here, the Commission also worked offline with over 15,000 Londoners through more than 50 events, roadshows, evidence hearing sessions and focus groups. The Healthy London Partnership will be running similar events and discussion sessions over the coming months, to inform the delivery of these programmes.

You’ll be able to keep track and keep on engaging here in the Health section of Talk London. In the meantime, you're very welcome to start your own discussions.

22nd May 2015
2 years ago (3:29 PM)



Yes fine words but thats all they are. We just do no have the right work attitude in this country. The number of times I have been waiting for treatment to see a hoard of high heeled women parading back and forth with the statutory clip-board or file tucked under their arm stopping off to chat to a 'friend'. This wast of money needs to addressed and put to clinical use instead. Hospital doctors tend to work hard and need backup...GP's on the other hand (on average) are just time wasters and vastly overpaid when at partner stage....thanks to poor contract negotiation by the Labour government. So in short...shake up the whole management system and make non clinical staff work.

General Genius

You need to spend radically more on mental health. 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem.
There needs to be early intervention and actual therapy - not just sticking plaster CBT. If you became mentally ill as a result of childhood sexual abuse by someone you trusted, 6 sessions of CBT is not going to touch the surface of what you have to contend with.