We should go back to the EU if the price of VAT of items rises to high

1 month ago (7:41 PM)
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How did we manage to feed ourselves before we joined the EU? Seems we've been doing it for centuries.

Being in the EU is pushing up our RENT, which is already FAR, FAR HIGHER than the price of our food.

In fact, our food prices are now so low that the Bishops have been calling for them to rise and farmers here in the UK are going bust because they can't make ends meet.

Farmers need to make enough money to pay their staff a decent wage so that British people can work for them and still be able to pay bills.

Hygiene in British chicken-processing factories is appalling because there is such an emphasis on keeping prices down. Most of the budget chicken in our supermarkets is of such poor quality that it's not worth buying, in my view.

The EU is watering down agricultural standards in countries like Poland, where things like animal welfare and lack of use of chemicals have long been far better than here in the UK.