Mayoral Library Fund

2 months ago (7:55 PM)
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librarys should be handed to charities to own and run and if they can't then the closures would at least be understandable


Libraries closing down ? This should had never even been considered. It is a big mistake and the wrong type of contemplation in terms of trying to find avenues in which to save even more money.

Libraries offer so much to the community and could offer far more. Libraries help to bring the community together for the love of reading. Despite modern technology there is nothing like the tangibility of a book, the flicker a pages. Moreover one can really concentrate reading a book without disturbances unlike reading from ones chosen item of technology, with it numerous destructing notifications tempting one away from the pleasure and focus of the read.

Not everybody is in the position too keep buying new or used books. A life without books is unimaginable.

Our Libraries now days offer the community computer usage, given that not everybody is in a position to be able to afford a computer/ broadband for a variety of financial reasons, which is easy to overlook if we just consider our own personal present circumstance, in fact in my own local library I always observe that the computer section is always a full house, lets not forget it is vital that people are able to access their e.mail.

Certainly, it is not only school children who use the libraries to study in fact there are many adults who prefer to read and study in the libraries away from the usual home destructions and temptations. That amazing book could potential one day be written in a library!

There are many ways that Libraries could be partially self funding indeed, Simon made some very good suggestions.

Other ideas to generate money for the libraries would to allow Libraries to introduce a READING/POETRY CLUB and POETRY COMPETITIONS for all ages for a small fee. Moreover, there are days when the Libraries are closed, well they could be opened in the evenings for people to go along and pay to listen to some LIVE MUSIC such as CLASSICAL/JAZZ and other lovely type of music.

Libraries are wonderful institutions and the public's various good ideas for their continuation should be taken seriously and put into practice so that our libraries remain part of our existence.