London's lead in creating a new Commonwealth trading block

9 months ago (1:58 PM)
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Although London is the Capital city all areas in the UK contribute to the economy and trade.

I also believe that MP's should be careful what they say and think positive of trade links with the EU and indeed with the world.
Remarks from I think, David Davies and others saying along the lines, when we create great trades with the rest of the world we can turn to EU and say we did not need you after all. And. All the foreign workers working and living here may have to go back to the EU. Not a clever statement. we will still trade with the EU but without preferential treatment.
I think that all people from abroad working and living here can stay, just as British people all over the world live and work. One of the things that will have to happen is that overseas workers will have to have a work permit from the government via the employer stating that they have a job for them. Gone will be the days when whole families come over with no job/money or accommodation and insist that the council should fine a home for them and give them child credit.