Start Up Small Businesses and Entrprenuer

2 years ago (2:21 PM)
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StartUp Britain

Jay, what a fantastic idea! We love ideas like this at StartUp Britain and will be looking into this as we feel it has some merit. There are lots of other ways to promote your business other than just advertising. Have you considered entering our StartUp Confessions competition - it's free and you'd get plenty of exposure. Or what about pitching to big retailers? We've got PitchUp running at the moment which gives start-ups a chance to pitch their products to John Lewis. We also give start-ups and small businesses a chance to get their products into pop-up shops via our PopUp Britain initiative. Have a look at our directory for some good ideas on where to go for advice. Or come along to our free finance week on March 25 to 28, it's free and in London. Have a look at our Enterprise Calendar under Finance Week.

The Department for Business and it's HMRC tax offices hold a lot of data about the businesses that exist in the UK. They have confirmed this on a freedom of information request via They get it from VAT returns and income tax returns that state what type of business people and firms do.

A small change in the law would allow them to publish whatever is useful for trade directories, so that more online trade directories would be published and it would become easier to find a UK manufacturer of - say - A4 paper. Directories like these used to exist in print and do a lot to help businesses find each other and all the nitty gritty detail of what they do without the cost of advertising. Details like whether a printer prints books or menus, and in the hundreds or ten thousands. I hope someone persuades the Department for Business to try this.