London opens 'Ghost' Tube Stations to tourism

2 months ago (6:05 PM)
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This project really needs to happen. It's a unique heritage, and one paid for by Londoners over the years through their ticket costs and taxes. So please, let's get everyone together, get a real viable deal sorted that works for tourism, works for Londoners, allows private investment, and sees a return for the station owners (us!) too. Various bunkers and things have opened successfully outside London (one in Essex for example) where tourists are a bit thin on the ground, so why can't it work here?

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Hi ajitchambers,

Welcome to Talk London and thanks for your post.

Welcome to you, londontalker, too!

This sounds like a really interesting project and it'll be good to hear thoughts on it.

I wonder if other Londoners think attracting more visitors is key for London's economy and if, like you, they have any ideas of ways to do this.

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Every time I have been on the underground I have had the desire to explore - it was such a marvellous feat of engineering too and should be celebrated.

I am sure that this type of attraction would appeal to a wide age range and to those of varying interests, from engineers to art history lovers, and more.

I really hope finding will be made available to support this project! I will certainly make a point of visiting!


Exciting project, this unused space must be utilized. A fantastic opportunity to expose some rich and great history.

As a student of Brighton it is exciting to see knowledge of this project reaching our university not just London. Any student would love to get involved !


This is a great project and it is using our existing space more effectively. It will create many new opportunities. Lets get this dream made into reality.

Phil Morris

This project needs to happen, just imagine 20 plus underground subway sites across London with a hidden history attracting tens of thousands of tourists, Nantwich Cheshire has a secret bunker, Moscow has Bunker 42, a combination museum/restaurant/karaoke bar that's 65 meters underground in a Cold War nuclear bunker in Moscow....make this happen...


Phil, totally agree - The potential for these venues is enormous - Really put London on the map with the new themes of abandoned underground stations


this chap is brilliant. I have followed this story for a while and finally london and the world will be able to enjoy what he is creating. Doing something for London. How many politicians and investors has he actually got to deliver something. Bloody brilliant. I want to be first in


This chap is brilliant and lucky...inasmuch as I have been in negotiations for years with various councils whilst pro bonp promoting London Heritage Street Markets. My dvd about 4 heritage marketss (Smithfield, Spitalfield, Covent Garden and Borough) has won awards and I myself lecture at libraries and museums around London about history, markets in film etc. whilst trying to raise awareness.

I receive no subsidy and, as a matter of fact, find when they say `what a brilliant idea...what a brilliant girl` I am ripped off full stop. I am in dispute with Westminster Archives and Westminster Libraries for plagiarising a talk with film I had conceived, drafted and submitted. The reason I did not hold the event, pro bono by the way, was because a `volunteer` sabotaged the project...selected a lousy photo and ran the item without attribution.

So whilst it`s all free some of us who reconceive the obvious, the tactile, etc. deserve to be paid. I think the councils of London should GIVE me a tour bus AND a flat in Mayfair. So there!


I would like to be involved in this as I run local history walks around London. Can someone pls add me to the consultation list


The Old London Underground Company -

To step beneath your feet into another realm - 'where amazing engineering is
enhanced by the beauty and mystery of the past!' ;0)


So are you saying that this man has got TLF to open the extinct stations for his own personal gain? If so, unfair...unfair...unfair...

I can`t get TFL to post any info about the walks that I run promoting London heritage street markets...3 hours/3 markets at £25 excl fares. They tell me it`s too pricey!



I would say with the leadership from Ajit - This could easily become the NUMBER ONE tourist attraction in London - There is so much potential for different themes - Like the World War - Renacting really what it was life - Go underground back in time and really live and feel what it was like.


He has emailed me a few times to suggest a meeting. I say `yes`. Provided it`s fair for all of us...those who want to view pro bono...those who want to choreograph let`s see whether I can get a meeting and find out what`s going on...and that it`s not just for the benefit of one person...


Also as I have mentioned before whilst I have been promoting London heritage markets pro bono for over 20 years I have received no help at all from TFL. I blog pro bono. I make films pro bono about saving and conserving London heritage markets. I DO charge for the 3 hour tours around 3 heritage markets..Markets profiled change daily from a rota of 15 heritage markets, all of which have been thoroughly researched and annotated.

TFL says the walks are too pricey and they don`t even include us on their webpage.

Westminster says it`ll rip off my intellectual property in full view (and without penalty and/or permission) by way of volunteering.

The talk which I devised about `heritage markets in films` that was suppposed to run at Westminster reference library was sabotaged by a volunteer who chose a lousy photo and cut any link to my walks` website. Since I was doing the talk (3 hours) pro bono I cancelled the event.

That didn`t stop Westminster. We make you an offer you can`t refuse...either take bumpkis or nothing...and/or we rip you off.

So when i say I`m mildly surprised to see TFL making deals with private people when it wouldn`t entertain something which I have been doing pro bono to benefit the greater community, this is an understatement.

Phil Morris

Sandra, any chance of you not using the blog as your personal rant page?….. Ajit's project would not be to his personal benefit, it would be a company attracting thousands of tourists every year to London, creating hundreds/thousands of new jobs and actually paying £200 million plus into jobs in the economy…no mean feat since all these underground properties have been dormant since 1932 at new jobs for surveyors, construction companies, advertising agencies, caterers, event organisers, law firms, transportation companies, the list is endless....


I don`t use the blog as my personal page. I use it to draw attention to the worst aspects of nepotism which exist within TFL and possibly other goverrnmental agencies.

Why is one person given sole access to TFL holdings whilst others are deprived of any assistance in promoting London heritage and legacy?

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This discussion thread was started around attracting visitors and investment to London - the theme of the Championing London section as a whole.

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Phil Morris

The next 1-3 years of development of all these vacant underground sites by Ajit Chamber's unique company have the potential to generate millions for the London and UK economy, without any tax payers money, or they are just left empty as some have been since 1932, with huge maintenance costs paid for by you...which would London prefer?


Je suis d’accord avec presque tous les commentaires. Ces stations de métro peuvent être transformé aux sites touristiques. Ça va aider la finance de Londres et on peut utiliser les revenus pour améliorer le transport publique à Londres. C’est étonnant que Monsieur Le Maire (Le Monsieur Boris Johnson) n’ a pas réfléchi sur cette idée. Alors Boris – vous êtes normalement très doué et tous ce qui produit beaucoup de « l’air chaud » donc pourquoi vous n’avez pas proposé cette idée dans les réunions de l’assemblé de Londres ?


this chap is brilliant. I have followed this story for a while and finally london and the world will be able to enjoy what he is creating. Doing something for London. How many politicians and investors has he actually got to deliver something. Bloody brilliant. I want to be first in


Ajit has been working on this project for many years now and this idea is of the utmost importance to London and the Community, especially now with the introduction of the Night Tube and the London Night Economy. TFL's intention is to 'open up' London as a 24 hr attraction to the world and it is important to be prepared if you are shouting from the roof tops. Will the Tower of London be open,the London Dungeons etc? The Eye will probably be open as too will the Embankment projects. The pubs and clubs will cater for much but let us not limit ourselves to just the 'party' crowd. I think it would be a good idea to produce a Night Activity map as the Planning and Co Ordination for these venues is going to be horrendous. In order to avoid major congestion in only a few areas, you would need to 'spread out' a little in order to have breathing room. With Ajit's idea, you have the facility to hit points all over the City, opening a number of 'interesting' areas that is away (but not too far) from the crush points. These Ghost Stations can be spooky and I know loads of stories as work on the rail, so why don't I take you for a ghost walk tour....Keep at it Ajit


November 2015 - I am suing Transport for London after finding continued attempts to steal this project whilst using my business plan as its core document. TFL's commercial directors deceitful business operations including attempts to give the tourist attraction I designed (into Down Street) to London Transport Museum can now be proved unlawful. With the Garden Bridge Project as precedence TFL's procurement process is being exposed by this legal case. The internal corruption in this organisation is destroying the integrity of London's Transport Authority and is an insult to all Transport for London brilliant operational staff who run the finest underground transit service in the world.

Simon London

I'd love this.
But you'd be messing with state secrets and MoD assets.

If you get the go ahead, add drinking to the mix, you'll have plenty of customers!



Maybe worth looking at re-introducing some of these stations back into the tube network as the city is growing, especially the North Weld branch line