Thanks for your views on fire and rescue services

Throughout December and January we invited you to share your views on proposals in the London Fire Brigade’s new London Safety Plan. From response time targets for fire engines to firefighters’ role in the community, there was a lot that we wanted to hear from you on. We’re delighted to say that over 1950 of you took part. We’re very grateful for your views.

So, what happens next?

Now that the consultation has closed, analysis of all responses received is underway. A report will follow soon, for consideration by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA). On 30 March a meeting will be held to agree the final version of the London Safety Plan. We will of course be reporting back to you on the outcomes!

A big thank you for taking part to help shape the London Safety Plan. 

14th Feb 2017
4 months ago (4:57 PM)



If 1950 responded to this survey, have you ENSURED some did not respond more than once? I was sent at least two invitations to participate. In addition some of the questions were totally preposterous, asking me about deployment of heavy equipment, and my views on response times etc. I have never worked in Fire prevention or in the fire service, and neither had most of the reposondents. The survey it totally useless, and I hope it is not going to be 'presented' to the Fire Bridades Union as 'evidence', because it is trash.


I agree, many of the questions were at a level of detail that isn't really appropriate for a public consultation. I have no idea which stations should have a second fire engine deployed to them in order to reduce response times. That's something that you should pay people with expertise to figure out.


Hi Keith. I appreciate your comment, but I for one have to complete disagree.. at least in part!
In terms of response times, look at it another way: If you or a loved one is in danger, trapped in a burning building or in need or immediate assistance, how quickly would you like the Fire Service to respond? Are you happy for a response to take longer than it currently does? (Err, that's a "no" from me).