Talk London satisfaction survey 2015

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who took the Talk London satisfaction survey recently. More than 350 Talk Londoners took part to tell us what you think of the community – a great response.

Since Talk London was launched in 2012, community members have joined in with hundreds of discussions, surveys and focus groups. With our third anniversary just gone, we wanted to hear community members’ experiences of Talk London – and especially what we can do better. Here’s what we heard:

Influencing our decisions

The Talk London community was designed to give people the opportunity to give their views on the big issues facing London. Around two thirds of you agree that the Mayor does want to hear your views, and half agree that there are opportunities here for people to influence decisions that will affect their lives. However, only 38% of you think that the information we collect on Talk London is actually used to inform the Mayor’s decisions. 

While we are pleased that so many of you feel able to air your views on Talk London, we clearly have more to do to regularly let you know how giving your opinions has affected decisions taken at City Hall. We’ve set up a “Your impact” section on our homepage to help achieve this.

 Taking part    

Most of you find taking part on Talk London easy. Around seven in ten find it easy to make their way around the site, with just over 60% saying it was quick and easy to find the information they wanted. We're working on plans to refresh the look and feel of our site within the next couple of months, so we hope navigating around and joining in will become even easier very soon.

Six in ten members think that content on the site is interesting and engaging, while three quarters think the content is easy to understand. The Talk London community enables members of the public and City Hall staff to discuss issues and decisions with each other. Interestingly around a third of our members feel listened to and that their opinion matters, whilst 45% enjoy interacting with other Londoners and Talk London on issues of interest. As noted above, we need to do more to communicate how your opinions make a difference.

 Talk London Newsletter

We send a monthly newsletter to make sure you’re aware of the opportunities there are to have a say on the Mayor’s work when they arise. The newsletter got a good review with 95% saying that the monthly newsletter is about right frequency, and 86% saying its content is interesting and relevant. We’re very pleased with this.

 Overall satisfaction

We asked our members to think about all aspects of the Talk London community and rate how satisfied they were with their visits overall. Over two thirds are satisfied with our Talk London community, which is great news. City Hall’s work is more effective when you’re part of the conversation. We hope you’ll carry on participating.

A big thank you again to all those who took part. Please do get involved in one of our many other current discussions and polls. The prize draw has taken place, and we’ve notified the lucky winner.

8th Oct 2015
1 year ago (1:47 PM)



Too many ambiguous questions. For example if you state dissatisfied with (say) cylcle priority does that mean too much in place or not enough. Survey results can be twisted to suit as a result. Future surveys need to be clearer