Results of the Clean Air Consultation

Thanks so much to the 15,000 Londoners who took part in the Mayor’s consultation on plans to tackle air pollution in the capital. We asked for your views on a range of measures to tackle the city’s air pollution problem in one of the largest public consultations undertaken at City Hall.  

This is clearly an important issue for Londoners.  Around nine in ten of you think that central London has a problem with pollution, while 68 per cent think air quality in your local high street is poor. Inner Londoners, who are especially affected by air pollution, are more likely to perceive a problem in their area. There are some hotspots of pollution, including Marylebone/Edgware Road/ Euston Road, Farringdon, Whitechapel, Angel, Archway, Green Lanes, Peckham Road, and West London along the M4.

New measures to tackle pollution

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), and area covering the existing Congestion Charging Zone, is due to be introduced in September 2020. All cars, motorbikes, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles will need to meet exhaust emission standards to enter or pay a daily charge. The survey revealed that there is strong public support for bringing forward the implementation of the ULEZ a year earlier, to 2019 (79 per cent).

In addition, 7 in 10 Londoners want the boundaries for the ULEZ to be extended up to the North/South circular or Londonwide for light vehicles.  This rises to 87 per cent for heavy vehicles.


The introduction of an ‘Emissions Surcharge’ from next year was supported by 81 per cent of you. This is an extra charge for the oldest, most polluting vehicles, driving at peak times in the Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ). 41 per cent of you think that £10 is the right level of daily charge for vehicles that do not meet emissions standards.

There is widespread support (77 per cent) for the Mayor’s call to Government for a diesel scrappage scheme to help Londoners switch away from polluting cars. 

There was also a large amount of discussion and debate here on Talk London about the potential measures, with hundreds of comments posted on the pros and cons of the suggested measures, plus lots of suggestions of other ways to tackle air pollution.

Many people talked about how we could encourage more people to cycle in the city, “in the centre of London more and more people are choosing to travel by cycle.  And more and more people would cycle if they felt it were safer to do so”. Others spoke about the need improve traffic flow, “look at traffic flow, signalling, light phasing and the loss of London road space which has caused serious congestion”. Other commonly mentioned ideas to improve air quality included more green infrastructure such as living walls or more trees; supporting electric/hybrid vehicle use in London; and slower speed limits or reducing engine idling.

The outcome of this consultation is being used by City Hall and Transport for London to further develop measures for addressing poor air quality. There will be another consultation with Londoners on these detailed proposals in October, with more information provided at in due course.

Some of the consultation results have been acted on immediately – the Mayor has implemented a programme of air quality alerts to the public on high pollution days, after 4-in-5 Londoners said they’d like to receive them. The Mayor has also announced the introduction of Low Emission Bus Zones, prioritising the greenest buses on the worst polluted routes as part of the wider programme to reduce emissions from the capital’s bus fleet.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to take part in the Clean Air consultation. You can read the full research report on the London Datastore. And of course, please do keep talking to us about your ideas for improving London’s air, here on Talk London. 

13th Sep 2016
9 months ago (4:41 PM)



KAREND YOU ANSWERED YOUR OWN LOVE ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY IN THE NAME OF POLLUTION.... did you not hear the siren all over London tonight anout a serious pollution in Camden due to the air ? lol.... its true papers said it was down to the cold and wood n coal fires and fog- TFL SAYS ITS DRIVERS !!! LOL....SCAREMONGERING AGAIN ...TFL


I have a 2011 diesel car with £30 road tax, but just found out i'm not exempt. My car is low emission. A friend who's 2013 car is 2litre petrol is exempt, but pays more road tax.
I just don't understand the rules.Give people time to replace their diesels and it will sort itself out soon. People haven't got thousands to buy new cars .Just because politicians have ideas we all have to suffer, be fair about it.As people have said base the rules on DVLA taxing. The lower paid once again get kicked

This whole proposal really feels like its a business plan that allows the rich to avoid traffic.
the silly part of this is that a few vehicles out there that are euro6 compliant that are produced before the euro6 standards were set. These vehicles will go on neglected due to this.
I understand London needs cleaner air. But I do not accept that London motorists should be fined for following heavy encouragement from our gov to purchase diesels. what a way to move the goal posts. Due to this motorcyclists too will fall by this wicked blow. They account for less than 1%, or as it was put in the proposal 0%, of the air pollution. This could be a proper step forward if executed correctly. It would reduce both congestion and emissions. Less dependency on diesel vehicles. And if there are any incentives behind getting on two wheels, it could lead the way to more efficient roadways in london.

However, maybe a better solution to solve such an environmental issue like is to stop new building developments and offer better (faster and safer) travel links into london instead. It's already a crowded city. All we seem to be doing is building more and more apartments. Buildings get taller but the streets aren't getting wider. Why do we consistently have more and more people coming to reside in london. With better and more efficient links coming into the heart of london we could kill several birds with one stone. Our current underground system does not cope with the vast number of commuters it struggles with. Busses barely move for the traffic, and trains run late constantly. Crossrail and the Northern line expansion are great but don't instil the confidence that travel via public transport is any better or quicker.

Yes, we need more cycle routes. But the roads can't get narrower since small cars are getting bigger. Perfect example being the mini - not so mini anymore. We need a real solution. Not a cash generating scheme that happens to be planned at a point in time when our treasurer is talking about upping the sovereign grant by 66% to pay for Buckingham palace' refurbishment. A coincidence, but bloody hell does it take everything in me to stop myself from becoming one of these terrible conspiracy theorists.

I hope people realise the irony of this all. We have been allowing our government to charge us for the air that we breath. Or albeit, a 'kind of' clean up of it.


Whilst I agree that a lower emissons programme is important, not convinced that adding another 'Tax' to people, just because they dont drive a newer car. What happened to peoples choice and living within their means? Why push individuals to buy or HP cars just to satisfy a greed.
Maybe more pedestrian areas to reduce the flow of traffic would be a solution...... or would that mean the local Government or Main Government, using somes of money?! Instead of the public.


I believe that older motorcycles should be exempt from the ULEZ zone, as with the congestion charge zone, as they are such a low percentage of users. and would make bearly any difference to the pollution in London. I believe this is a form of taxing people with older vechiles. I also think this zone should run with the same times as the Congestion Charge and not be a 24/7 24 hour charge. Weekend should certainly be exempt.


Pollution, whether from fuel emissions, brake dust or any other source, is increased by the effects of congestion. It has been apparent to me that attempts to slow or divert traffic only serve to increase the problem. Vehicles need to flow smoothly to operate most efficiently and cleanly.

I would favour the removal of all speed humps and introduce speed limits (properly enforced) set to let vehicles operate more efficiently - 20 mph is NOT that speed and that limit is anyway rarely observed.

To relieve congestion, I would advocate the opening up of all streets to through traffic. All people and businesses are meant to benefit from the provision of roads to give access and therefore should be open to all. .It is unfair that some streets are blocked off to force traffic on to already busy roads and to travel longer distances, adding to polution. Traffic should be able to go the shortest route. Traffic is fluid and without artificial constraints will, like water, find the easiest route.

Karen Miskin

Why not follow other European cities and ban diesel vehicles in the city. Why tax to large SUV vehicles owners. I also support the diesel scrap page scheme. Are there schemes whereby you can positively incentivise cycling and ownership of electric cars- maybe something for central government.


I think it is time to penalise large 4 wheel drive vehicles in London as they are not relevant given the narrowness of the roads.
Secondly it seems that Tesco Fast stores have sprung up all over London and there delivery vehicles are allowed to block roads even in rush hour. All deliveries should have to be made outside "congestion heavy" hours.

John Wallace

it must be remembered that London is a world capital, and the centre of the world's financial and insurance businesses. It is essential that free movement of traffic is maintained. At present, most roads are blocked or severely delayed. This affects international business. The route out of London towards Heathrow is a disgrace, and visitors often miss flights because of it. London needs more parking places, and a revision of 'traffic calming' measures, which just exacerbate the traffic congestion. and should be removed. For example, the centre of the business district is Bank, yet the City Corporation is considering banning cars from it. 7 roads converge on Bank, and actually the traffice flows across the junction very well. It is one of the few such junctions which really works. To ban cars from Bank is an act of folly and commercial vandalism. I have been going through this junction on bikes, buses, taxis and private cars regularly since 1964, and it has always 'flowed' well. My plea is to remember how much London depends on business, and that business depends on free and efficient transport, and that includes taxis and cars.


Just one more comment to the point that somehow nobody at TFL considers the reduction in road space (wider pavements, bus/cycle lanes) and the huge increase in traffic lights as a factor in the creation of traffic jams and stationary traffic which is the worst polluting. Look at any place where traffic used to flow freely, after TFL's "improvements" how jammed and deadly: The strand, Trafalgar Square, The embankment, Aldgate roundabouts, etc.etc. the list is endless and getting longer: Archway roundabout is next and oh, just because traffic was moving, lets remove the underpass on the Archway road and put some traffic lights bang in the middle....

Richard smith

I am a owner of a desiel car.
And am totally for a ultra low area in the centre of town.
Therefore reducing congestion and pollution.
However pushing this further out is crazy as this would involve a huge huge number of Londoners to be forced to sell there cars.
These will be impossible to sell for most people and it will be impossible to pay for replacements.
The only winners will be the car manufacturers.


Myself also Richard, TFL wants money m8 thats all !!Oooops here comes another driver , lets charge him again !!! chris is it not enough to charge us £11.50 congestion charge, £9 a day to park in london, £130 annually to park outside your home for a permit,Road tax £285 a year,Insurance in case you get hit or your motors stolen in london, Now ULEZ £12.50 daily - all BEFORE YOU PAY FOR PETROL OR DIESEL !!! Are we rich NO ! Do we have £16k to buy another new car NO ! Does TFL care NO .....

A Dutta

Why don't we incentivise battery operated and hybrid vehicles more heavily? Incentives in form of interest free loans to buy new and up to 5 year old vehicles, or reduced MOT charges etc and not just road tax and congestion charge exemptions.


Remove the cycle lane work, will reduce traffic congestion =cleaner air


Too True my friend its the delays caused by these that cause unnecessary idling in londons roads by vehicles!! Stopping them coming into london will no stop polution, MR Khan thinks the way forward is to deliver goods in london to businesses by cycle - numb nut !!

Clean Indoor Air

Transport policy changes to improve outdoor air quality significantly in London will take till at least 2030. (Government minister words). School children are suffering health damaging effects today.
There must be an initiative to protect people in London today. Solution - Promote the use of buildings as a haven against traffic air pollution. Schools, hospitals and homes better protected . Promote measures for existing buildings and new build.

Climate Change ...

Talk London Team

To whom it may concern
My comment in three ways,

1) Please use existing traffic regulation powers to PROBIT UNNECESSARY IDLING!

We propose a monthly car-free day on a working day in Reading and throughout the UK.
All vehicles, excluding public transport, emergency services, council vehicles and those with exceptional reasons, will be off the road for the day.

Direct petition link here:

3) With this link to our new garden city climate strategy for second cities. It’s a MIX OF CO2LUTIONS to improve Air quality and reduce urban emissions within Climate change: Mitigation & Adaptation, Local transport and Ambient air quality. I hope it is beneficial.

/All the best


2017 and 2018 will be a new era for availability of electric vehicles and a lot of these are jus now running on London streets.
The most important car makers (DAIMLER, FORD, BMW, VW Group) have agreed on last November 29th about charging standards and they have planned to enter in the charging station business.
I think London could be the first big town where ZEV are the principal movers.


How can 7 out of 10 people vote for an extension to include the south and north circular in a ULEZ when hardly anyone in south london knows about this plan of TFL,s ? There has been NO postal ballot for a vote only a vague mention on radio stations about the T Charge and central london. TFL and Sadiq Khan have deliberately mislead london residnets into thinking the ULEZ is for CENTRAL LONDON ONLY !!! Its decietful and wrong, I did not vote for you in to lie to me and my fellow londoners !!! DISGUSTING MR KHAN, Roll on next mayoral election !!!!


Road calming measures such as road humps, "sleeping policemen" cause cars motorbikes and vans, to slow down hence not heating their engine and exhuasts to the required standards needed to burn off harmful pollutants, same as idling at lights etc..... these are the REAL REASONS for pollutants not just cos we have cars !!! TFL knows this but wants us to pay instead of ASKING us to turn off and slow down !!! Get rid of the speed humps they are bloody dangerous for bikers, cyclists and buses !!! TFL makes toomuch money from drivers over lies !!!


SORRY BUT- "In addition, 7 in 10 Londoners want the boundaries for the ULEZ to be extended up to the North/South circular or Londonwide for light vehicles." Where are the statistics and proof for this?, I was never consulted I'm a Londoner, no one in my road in LEWISHAMor many friends of ours in catford, downham, Blackheath, lee, Sydenham. forest hill were consulted they are londoners where was this done and how please because the only consultation we heard about was on the radio and all it mentioned was the T Charge for for CENTRAL LONDON....


Was the new years fireworks celebration really necessary as is this not air pollution also at a cost of I heard £1.8- £2.3 million? Bit hypocritical wouldn't you agree ?



"Some of the consultation results have been acted on immediately – the Mayor has implemented a programme of air quality alerts to the public on high pollution days, after 4-in-5 Londoners said they’d like to receive them"
This is a very misleading statement to make 4 out of 5 londoners? YOU MEAN 4 OUT OF 5 THAT WERE CONSULTED ? Very untrue and misleading statement !!



TFL Please ask your boss to answer his complaints/emails instead of tweeting pics of himself everywhere ....please...please !!





Talk London

Hi williewonka,

The ULEZ is currently planned to start on 7 September 2020 in central London.

The recent consultation included proposals from the Mayor to:

  1. Bring forward the start date for the central London ULEZ a year earlier, from 2020 to 2019;
  2. Extend the ULEZ from central London up to the North and South Circular roads for all vehicles, as early as 2019, but possibly later; and
  3. Extend the ULEZ from central London to Londonwide for heavy vehicles (heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), buses and coaches), as early as 2019, but possibly later.

The relevant teams are currently analysing the cconsultation responses and there'll be an update from the Mayor this spring on his intentions and whether TfL will be undertaking a formal statutory consultation on each of these proposals.

(Here’s info on the recent consultation, which finished on 16 December 2016)

Talk London Team


While Sadiq Khan and TFL blame drivers for air pollution the rest of Londons press blame this :-

Cold air coupled with fog will crate smog-its not just down to drivers and to suggest this is just scaremonegering by TFL, How come TFL we NEVER heard anything about ir pollution before Sadiq Khan came along ? Really ? people are not that stupid, he talks about a better London for Londoners yet he cannot even reply to any emails or complaints directly aimed at the ULEZ why is this? IF he truly believed his own words then answer the complaints !! at least boris Johnston did




Could the Mayor use some of his £20m Clean Air Fund to incentivise our the Black Cabs to convert to electric? Although some cabs are newer Diesels, many black cabs are older, smokey diesel polluters. And we all know the tricks used to 'ensure' your diesel passes any emissions test, so it's not true to say 'they've all passed the emissions tests so they're low polluters'. If many cabs are travelling from rank to rank, re-charging regularly would not be a problem. We just need a 3rd Generation design for the iconic electric London black cab. Offering funding from the Mayor's fund would incentivise our skilled cabbies to keep providing their safer, more reliable service in the capital, in the face of newer, less regulated and less reliable entrants to the cab market.


Shocked by the current pollution levels in London and also to read that part of the problems is wood burning stoves. Why are they allowed. I remember going to school when we still had smogs so thick you could not see across the road. I thought the clean air act stopped people burning smoky fuels for heating. I know there is a lot being done about vehicle pollution, but what is being done to stop the proliferation of wood burners.


TFL,s statement above ,

"In addition, 7 in 10 Londoners want the boundaries for the ULEZ to be extended up to the North/South circular or Londonwide for light vehicles. This rises to 87 per cent for heavy vehicles."

Should be edited or deleted from this blog as it is untrue ! Only 15,000 londoners who replied to your blog want this not 7 out of 10 londoners, this is misleading the public .There are nearly 8.5 million people living in London !!


Could TFL explain why your online LEZ Vehicle checker says all my vehicles (all pre 2015) are allowed in the LEZ as it does not affect me but your recent ULEZ Checker says all my vehicles are affected? Very confusing website




May I ask when the new consultation happens in October 2017 will ALL Londoners be asked for their say instead of just the ones who know about Talk London. I think it only fair to ask ALL LONDONERS to have a say in something this HUGE as it will certainly affect them all , as you know to implement these measures so far on the say so of 15,000 people is miniscule when we are talking about nearly 8.5million people in London wouldn't you agree? Or are TFL deliberately ignoring this in order to once again Deceive Londoners generally, perhaps a postal vote or at least a very public notice so that ALL LONDONERS CAN VOTE !!

Talk London

Hi williewonka,

Both stages of the consultation were open to anyone who wished to respond, and promoted as widely as possible. Whilst the first stage of the consultation was hosted on Talk London, the second consultation was hosted on Transport for London’s Consultation Portal for 3 months in accordance with legal requirements and consultations relevant to transport issues. Both were supported by direct mailouts to large email databases of Londoners who use the transport network. The consultations were also promoted widely online and in local and national news media, and were also supported by meetings, events and engagement with community groups and stakeholder organisations to inform them about the plans and get feedback.

Over 15,000 responses received in each of the two consultation stages making the Clean Air Consultation one of City Hall’s and Transport for London’s largest consultations to-date.  You can read about the Clean Air consultation process in full detail here. Future stages will be promoted here and on the TfL Consultation Portal. Please do continue to take part here on Talk London on this and other issues in the meantime – the Environment team is being kept informed as the discussion develops.

Talk London Team 


The solution to improving the air is to get all car engines changed to electric engines. All petrol stations should be replaced with eletric car charging stations. They can use electricity from a newly built dam. Dams are the cheapest way to produce electricity and they don't pollute air and sea.


Well I'm amazed. Congratulations you managed to find 15000 of whom a majority...

1) Hate poor people.

Who do you think mainly has old cars? Poor people.

Who do you think can't afford to buy new cars? Poor people.

Who will get stung the worst by this poorly conceived idea? Poor people.

Sorry cycle crowd but you do realise it's all well and good saying well cycle more blah blah but that's all well and good for commuting to work, it's not so good for a hell of a lot else including long distances, or transporting families etc. Some people only use their cars to get *out* of London, not drive into it, but because they lost the postcode lottery that trip now costs them £10 more. Sorry Grandma would love to take you shopping but now I can't afford the £20 to move the car off the drive.

Think this charge won't affect the people without cars? Wrong! You've just pushed up a lot of business expenses, and this will get passed on to the customer. So not only will you have people who can't afford a car in London, but now just can't afford to live in London full stop.

Meanwhile I'm sure there are some people that will think this is great, I mean less commoners on the roads, less riff raff that can afford to live in their city, hell maybe now we can do something nice with Lewisham. Until they realise that actually the people who used to do the lower paid jobs in London, now aren't living in London anymore. Sorry dear that Chilean red you were so fond of isn't on the shelf in Waitrose at the moment, because no one wants to be a shelf stacker in London anymore because they can't afford to live there on the wage it pays, better find yourself a member of staff to check the stock and get you one from out the back... hope you enjoy the wait, because you voted for it! Oh and by the way, those doctors and nurses that have now opted to work and live outside of London, hope you don't miss them either.

2) Are blissfully ignorant of where most pollution comes from, it's not poor Sarah in her trusty 1.0l 2002 Micra. It's more polluting to build a car then it is to run it, so basically you want to get rid of old cars and screw up the environment to a worse degree by manufacturing a whole bunch of cars to replace them? Well I guess either you didn't know that, or work in car sales or for a car manufacturer.

Ah but electric cars I hear you say, surely they must be better for the environment. Ok well first of all as above making that electric car as above, is massively polluting. Now what about where the power comes from? Well despite all the money we waste on highly inefficient renewable energy, we still rely a hell of a lot on great big smoky coal and gas power plants, mainly because of renewable power being as I said so inefficient (and unpleasant, if you live near a wind farm). You can forget nuclear in that equation, they're all shutting down because you're all so convinced they're a meltdown waiting to happen, and everyone is too scared of the public outcry to invest in cleaner nuclear power (which is doable). And let's talk batteries shall we, lithium batteries are not your friend, they're expensive, they degrade, they are toxic, the making of them is toxic, and explosions yeah you see all those pictures of exploding phones, that's lithium batteries for you. As I said lithium is not your friend, and you can remember I said when you watch the fireworks, and breath in the aftermath of a major accident involving a lithium battery. I'd say I hope it chokes you, but I'm not that vindictive, plus I don't need to hope that if you end up breathing in fumes caused by a very bad thing happening to lithium battery that it will choke you... I KNOW it will choke you. You however majority of 15,000 who voted to increase the number of electric vehicles on the streets, clearly did not know that.

3) In all of your self righteousness did not consider that maybe the best and fairest way to do this, is not add £10 to the cost of old cars in London. After all a zero emissions vehicle is taking up just as much space as a black cab in terms of traffic. Now as hopefully you will have gathered from my 2nd point your supposedly less polluting vehicle is actually still quite polluting. So maybe the fairest way is to instead share the cost then is it not? Instead of making the poorer people in London pay an extra £10, how about everyone just pays an extra £2 to use their car? I mean that's fair right, it's everyone's problem, everyone in a car is contributing to it, everyone should be held accountable in some way. In fact lets make it even fairer, how about we make the extra fee proportionate to the cost of the vehicle used, or even better lets make means tested. I mean you won't be as popular in the golf club after passing something like that, but you can't say that it's not fair and it actually would work the roads would be empty.

I can't believe the powers that be, in light of brexit, in light of Trump, people are still so idiotically blind as to what actually caused public opinion to go the way it has...

P.S Mr Khan, no I shall not be voting for you in future.


SOLD MY DIESEL CAR YESTERDAY ! 2006 BMW 2006 58K MILES ! (left to me by my father before he died, well maintained)
1-Not because it harms the environment.
2-Not because it it causes " EQUIVELANT TO 9460 deaths every year" (whatever equivelant means-TFL refuse to reply to my requests on facts)
3- Not because I want to get on Buses/trains or taxis or airplanes (all of which are more polluting)
4-ALL BECAUSE- TFL have devalued my car by at least 35-40% based on lies.....thought I would get rid now to save something ! My father has this car from new , he bought this low mileage car as he was told diesel was the way to go by the Government. It wanted for nothing. My father grew up in in an era where we all had coal fires, stoves, backyard fires AND DIESELS... Yet as soon as sadiq khan comes to power "its bad". YES it is bad (diesel) BUT its only responsible for 11% of londons drivers causing pollution not the 100 % its being blamed for, how come heathrow, diesel trains, cranes, generators, muck trucks.....etc etc even black cabs get away with this? Hope you are happy SADIQ KHAN... Cannot wait until your next election......


I have a suggestion to include Santander cycles in the modes of transport covered by daily and weekly capping by Oyster and contactless as well as to all travel cards. This will address The Mayor's plans for increasing the levels of active travel and reducing air pollution alongside reducing the pressures on the transport system. Having an option of travelling short distances by bike rather than on a bus could encourage more physical activity, especially in currently inactive population groups. All of this could potentially reap large health benefits through reduction in traffic congestion, improvement of air quality, increasing population levels of physical activity and the elusive (albeit important) feeling of wellbeing.

You have to ensure though that it is easy to switch modes, i.e. that cycles' terminals accept contactless and oysters as a part of daily/weekly cap or a travel card. A major public campaign to inform people would be helpful.


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