Our June Talking Points - feedback

Over 300 of you took part in our fourth Talking Points survey through June and July. This time around we wanted to know your views on major sporting events in the capital, and also delve more deeply on the topic of high streets.

Major sporting events

Following the success of the Olympics, London has continued to attract major sporting events such as this year’s Rugby World Cup, the Track Cycling World Championships in 2016 and World Athletics Championships in 2017. Over 8 in 10 of you think it‘s important that London attracts major sporting events, with half thinking it’s very important. You also told us that the most important benefits for London are promotion of the city and the UK in general, regeneration and attraction of tourists. A fifth of you also thought that boosts to the local economy and transport improvements were benefits, although not many of you were convinced of any benefits to business and job opportunities.

Sporting events also have a positive impact on Londoners’ interaction with sport. Half of you told us that such events encourage you to watch more sport on TV, 58% watch more live sport, while 44% have participated in more sport or physical activity as a result. A third said that they had been introduced to new sports. From your input, it seems we need to do more to try and ensure that the legacy of major sporting events includes that Londoners eat more healthily and get involved with their local communities.

High streets

We also wanted to know more still about how you use your local high street. This is to help shape City Hall’s work to rejuvenate high streets, boost business, improve transport and smarten shop fronts. The main ways you use your high streets are to access local transport links and, of course, to shop. 56% of you support local businesses at least every two weeks by buying from them. We now also know that activities like sport, culture and eating out are less common things to do on your own high street, but 7 in 10 of you visit restaurants on other high streets, while half visit other high streets for the pubs or to meet people.

56% of you think that a wider range of shops, restaurants and bars would most improve your high street, while the next most popular ideas for improvements are reducing traffic and adding more community culture activities. Many of you also shared your favourite high street in London, with Marylebone, Wimbledon and Richmond being particularly popular. These results will be particularly helpful for City Hall’s Regeneration Team as they continue work towards the vision to create great public spaces in London.

You can still tell us what you think make a great high street and which is your favourite. We’re running our community satisfaction survey in August, so Talking Points will be back in October.

22nd Jul 2015
1 year ago (3:24 PM)



One off major sporting events can be attractive but some annual ones are much less so. People in Chiswick/ West London have suffered numerous weekend traffic disruptions due to closure/ part closure of the Hammersmith flyover. The final straw is this weekend' s Prudential bike ride - the road closures, coupled with the FA event at Wembley are going to be another nightmare day. PLEASE move the route next year and give us a break!

Greg Tingey

The word gives me the cold shudders still. over 55 years after I was able to give them up early.
Incidentally, at age 69 I'm in the top 1% of fitness for my age cohort.
So there.


Shame on those complaining about sporting events preventing them to use their car. Take a break and catch the tube, you will help a little to stop polluting the environment