New T-charge following Clean Air Consultation

Last year, the Mayor invited Londoners to share their experiences of London’s air quality and ideas for helping to improve it. Over 15,000 people responded here on Talk London and some of the impact of this participation can now be seen in an announcement today on a new £10 toxicity charge.

The introduction of the ‘T-Charge’, also known as the Emissions Surcharge, would be aimed at the oldest, most polluting vehicles on our roads and follows your input after:

• 81% of Talk Londoners favour a T-Charge, with similar levels of support regardless of where people live in London.

• 41% of Talk Londoners told us that a daily charge of £10 was about right (the most popular charge level of those proposed).

• 42% favoured operating hours of Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. A further 39% favoured longer hours, but Transport for London has elected to use the same operational hours as the Congestion Charge.

This ‘T-Charge’ applies mainly to diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006 and will come into force on 23 October 2017 in time for the start of the school autumn half-term. Residents of the zone receive a discount and many of the same exemptions to the Congestion Charge also apply to the ‘T-Charge’.

You can check whether your vehicle will be affected by the 'T-Charge' by using this free online vehicle checker.

The 'T-charge' will operate on top of (and during the same operating times) as the Congestion Charge (Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. See map), so it will cost £21.50 to drive in the zone if you drive a relevant vehicle.

So, what’s next for improving London’s air? The Mayor has doubled funding spent on tackling air quality to £875million (over the next five years) and is consulting on bringing forward the start date of the central Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from 2020 to 2019 and expanding the ULEZ up to the North/South Circular roads.

Your views have been central to the designing of new measures so far, and we’ll be keeping you updated as plans develop. You can read more on the planned measures to improve air quality in London, including improvements to the bus, taxi and private-hire fleets, emissions from buildings and cycling infrastructure.

17th Feb 2017
4 months ago (2:34 PM)



Bottom line in truth ? Lets milk the motorist yet again.
Bus lanes / Bike lanes / Taxi runs ? The traffic is brought to a stand still in nearly all of London creating more and more congestion and fumes and yes pollution on a larger scale, it not all old motors that are causing the problem but bad road lay outs that cause traffic to a stand still pumping out fumes. No Buses or old taxi included I noticed Surprise Surprise did not want to upset any one that might bring London to a stand still, lets hit the motorist yet again and not look at the cock up we have made on our roads, this will only add problems to the people that can not afford newer motors who are already struggling it wont go anywhere near solving the problem it will just create more money off of the motorist that can least afford to cover these charges, Well done Mr Mayor another poor decision, tackle the problem correctly hit the right transport and let the poorer section have time to save for a up for up to date motor or offer a decent pound note on scrapping there motors that is a reasonable amount towards a newer motor even if it is not brand new. The people you are putting in this financial position many will hit hard times being unable to get to work or pay there bills and some will even be put out of work ? So once again Mr Mayor well done I don't think jump straight in with very little thought of the out come


I am still confused about motorcycles. On the one hand you say that sub Euro 3 bikes will pay £21.50 Mon-Fri 7-6, and on the other that the T charge will only apply where a congestion charge applies, which is does not (currently) to motorcycles.

Mine is a 1988 BMW so do I have to pay both ? Is historic only over 40 years old ?

Why does a Honda 50 pay the same as a Harley Davidson ?

Paul 360

It's a start but more will need to be done to make London air clean. Way too many cabs sitting around in traffic with engines on and too many vehicles with one occupant. Suggests fuel is too cheap.


Why are Black Cabs exempt? They are all diesel. There are currently around 21,000 black cabs in London.

"...cabs are responsible for nearly a third of particulate pollution in central London."


15,000 responses. What percentage of London' Population is that? Barely a fraction of a percentage.

This whole thing is an example of fake news being used as a political tool, with hysteria heaped onto misleading and ill informed facts and data.

The 'Deaths' quoted are not from this city but a survey carried out in several US cities and these cites have a different climate.

There is a problem but it is buildings, industry, and human emissions that create most of the toxins. Vehicles are part of that but not the whole part. In fact, most pollution is caused by newer Diesels which have emissions of vapour that can pass through our skin. Older diesels emit heavier larger particulates which do not ingest quite so easily.
It is the Euro 1,2 -6 edicts that have exceeded technological development that have led to more harmful emissions but this does not apply to petrol vehicles which have met declining emissions for over 18 years. So why are they being penalised? They meet all the current MoT requirements?
New buildings do not.

Until there is joined up thinking rather than revenue raising scams nothing will change.

Take a look at the BBC report on what a smoke and mirrors act all this really is.

Talk London

Hi Ropeyalternator,

Many thanks for your comment. The estimated number of deaths as a result of air pollution is taken from this King's College study in London in 2015, which was commissioned by Transport for London and the Greater London Authority to better understand the specific situation in London. 

The introduction of this Emissions Surcharge is one measure to address air pollution among many that are planned in the next few years. You can read more about the Mayor's plans, including measures to address pollution caused by homes, buildings and construction here.

Many thanks,

Talk London Community Manager


I drive and cycle. On a bad pollution day I had to stop riding for 15 minutes as I couldn't breathe properly.
But I cycle in outer London so this won't help. Maybe we should warn people not to ride or ban cycling if we can't do better than this. I am a teacher and take students cycling but I think the air is too dangerous now....


So people. who can't afford new vehicles will be hit in the pocket again and the wealthy just pay what to them is chicken feed. The Mayor should check out all vehicles coming in from outside London every morning rush hour with just one person in the vehicle sitting in traffic belching out fumes . The majority of people who actually live in inner London use public transport but always get penalised.


This is just posturing, the number of cars this will affect is minimal, the biggest pollution culprits are Black Cabs and and busses, but these are exempt, you could not make this up!

If there was a factory in London emitting the combined filth that black cabs and busses and the Mayor protected the interests of this factory, he would be drummed out of office.

Time to stop this murdurous nonsense and apply a total ban to all vehicles that fail the emissions requirements of the T Charge. I suffer from asthma and I know the problem which is why my wife and I both drive electric cars.


These new measures are a joke, they will only make a marginal difference to the emissions,although they will provide a few million to squander on something else. We all know that the big polluters are the buses and taxis and they should all be running on gas or electric. Cheshire cat

Talk London

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for your comments over the weekend.

A number of you have asked about other measures to address air pollution, particularly regarding buses and taxis. The T-Charge is one measure planned by the Mayor to improve air quality in London, but there are others, many of which have also been consulted on since July, including the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, improvements to bus and taxi fleets and making cleaner modes of transport more accessible and attractive. You can read about them here.

In terms of taxis, age limits have been brought in to remove the oldest and most polluting models off London's roads. From 2018, all taxis presented for licencing for the first time must be zero-emission capable. A fund will be available

It is also true that the number of private-hire vehicles on London's roads has increased significantly in recent years. From 2018, From 2018 all private hire vehicles (PHVs) presented for licensing for the first time must meet Euro 6 emissions standards. From 1 January 2020, all newly manufactured PHVs presented for licensing for the first time must be also be zero-emission capable. As a result, the entire taxi and PHV fleet will be made up of electric zero-emission capable vehicles by 2023.

For buses, measures include

  • Introducing 12 new Low Emission Bus Zones in 2017
  • Retrofitting older buses to reduce emissions
  • Introducing the largest hybrid bus fleet in Europe, plus new technologies. There are currently 2,300 hybrid buses in operation, 8 hydrogen fueled buses and 71 electric buses
  • Buying only hybrid or zero-emission double-decker buses from 2018
  • £50m invested in bus priority schemes to reduce engine idling
  • Providing 3,100 double-decker hybrid buses by 2019 and 300 zero-emission single-deck buses in central London by 2020.

The Environment team at City Hall are being kept informed of this discussion.

Many thanks,

Talk London Community Manager


Do I understand well the T-charge will cover the same area as the C-Charge?


Yes it covers the same area as the congestion charge

We need a government petition to object to this.

In its present form & it may be a good idea to bring this to the city like the taxis did and cause a stand still with our older cars just to get our point over you cant treat people like you own them, to many people will be effected with no compensation for those that can least afford these drastic changes at so short notice for the not so well off it could be a financial nightmare

Nobuko Primarolo

I completely support this initiative. We really have be actively cleaning our air. Well done.


I wanted to find out the reason to why residents need to pay for the congestion charge? I live few yards into the zone. my car is parked in a secure car park the zone, all my driving is out of the zone.

The main purpose of the congestion charge is to make sure the city is not congested and polluted. This does not apply to me as my car is parked in a secure garage.

Cars and taxis that are registered with PCO drive in the zone all day, however they do not pay anything.

Mike jones

Discontinue residents discount for the congestion and T charges. This would help to reduce congestion and pollution. I think 90per cent is too generous. Maybe a 10 per cent discount instead.


Mr Jones

Another good idea would be to put your Council tax up by 50% if you feel this is such a good idea all money helps ? You counld even ask the Mayor to set you up a standing order . How do you feel about this idea. It could go towards those that get stuck in this charge that can not afford a newer car ? Sounds good to me any comment,


diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2005, not registered before 2006 please.

The Cyclist

"81% of londoners were in favour of a T Charge!"
MY GOD How can TFL blatantly print that comment? This is not right as I was not consulted and I am a londoner, where do you get this statement from please can you tell me ?

The Cyclist

"81% of londoners were in favour of a T Charge!"
MY GOD How can TFL blatantly print that comment? This is not right as I was not consulted and I am a londoner, where do you get this statement from please can you tell me ? Another point now that TFL propose charges against motorists due to EU rulings what happens when we actually leave the EU which is on the cards before the end of 2019 now do these charges still stand what about the euro 3,4 and euro 6 emissions surely you cannot still impose that on Londoners when we are out of the EU ? cannot be right !

The Cyclist

I too have a serious issue with the fact that only 15,000 London residents had their say on this very major topic ! Would it not be right to post a letter or leaflet to every home in London in order that all London residents can have a say. I was in a café yesterday in north London and I made a point of asking all 9 people dining there if they had heard of the ULEZ and the planned expansion of the ULEZ area, all said NO they never knew anything about this but 2 did say they had heard about the t charge on the radio does this not tell a story TFL ? I think it does.
Are TFL doing this deliberately in order to deny Londoners their right to vote on this? I see another chap on here williewonka, I see what he means when he says 8.4 million people are in London - so if only 15,000 people actually voted or had a say in this don't you agree that this is a miniscule amount in comparison and it is because no one is aware of your plans I like him believe that this is not being done in a fair and democratic matter and must be addressed.


Before introducing a blanket tax, Khan should look at increasing the speed and flow of all vehicles in London via this Stalin like control of the traffic light system and remove as many traffic lights as possible and make many more on flashing amber over night. And stop routine red lights at four way junctions even when there are no pedestrians to cross.


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