New London Safety Plan for fire and rescue services

Nearly 2,000 of you took the time to share your views with us back in December and January on proposals in the London Fire Brigade’s draft London Safety Plan. This, combined with a series of drop-in sessions, has been key in shaping the finalised London Safety Plan.

Main themes of the new plan include new response time targets, an increase in terrorism response capabilities, expansion of the role of firefighters and efforts to place fire stations at the heart of the community. There are no proposals to reduce numbers of firefighters, fire stations or fire engines.

An important change to the original proposals is that Kingston’s move of one fire engine to New Malden has been put on hold. Second fire engine attendance performance in Kingston is now meeting the eight minute average target for the first time. Due to this, and also local concerns that came to light through the consultation, the potential move will instead be reviewed in a year’s time.

An additional target of 90% of the time getting a fire engine to any incident in the capital within 10 minutes will come into force, whilst the current standard of 95% of the time getting an engine to a London incident within 12 minutes will also remain.

Attacks in Paris in December 2015 brought the emergency services' capability to respond to a marauding terrorist firearms attack (MTFA) into sharp focus. In line with two manifesto commitments, the Mayor commissioned two independent reviews; one led by Lord Toby Harris and looking into London's terror preparedness, and one led by Anthony Meyer and on the Fire Brigade's resources.

The finalised London Safety Plan echoes the recommendations of Lord Harris, setting out intentions to boost the number of specialist firefighters trained to move in behind the police in a terrorist incident to fight fires and help treat casualties. 

The plan also covers:

  • Work to improve diversity and community relations within the Fire Brigade, with plans to throw open the 'big red doors' of fire stations, allowing the community to engage and to use these spaces themselves
  • Evaluation of the role of Fire Rescue Units (FRUs) and the potential to also give these attendance time targets
  • Greater collaboration with other emergency service and partners

Once again, a very big thank you for your participation.

3rd Apr 2017
2 months ago (3:09 PM)




SOLD MY DIESEL CAR YESTERDAY ! 2006 BMW 2006 58K MILES ! (left to me by my father before he died, well maintained)
1-Not because it harms the environment.
2-Not because it it causes " EQUIVELANT TO 9460 deaths every year" (whatever equivelant means-TFL refuse to reply to my requests on facts)
3- Not because I want to get on Buses/trains or taxis or airplanes (all of which are more polluting)
4-ALL BECAUSE- TFL have devalued my car by at least 35-40% based on lies.....thought I would get rid now to save something ! My father has this car from new , he bought this low mileage car as he was told diesel was the way to go by the Government. It wanted for nothing. My father grew up in in an era where we all had coal fires, stoves, backyard fires AND DIESELS... Yet as soon as sadiq khan comes to power "its bad". YES it is bad (diesel) BUT its only responsible for 11% of londons drivers causing pollution not the 100 % its being blamed for, how come heathrow, diesel trains, cranes, generators, muck trucks.....etc etc even black cabs get away with this? Hope you are happy SADIQ KHAN... Cannot wait until your next election......


Well said!. He's also given orders to bus drivers not to switch on air con!. I was on a bus on a very hot day last summer in central London, stuck in the traffic due to tube strike, the driver refused to switch aircon on. His comments were write and complain to S Kahn, hes not allowing us to switch air con on in the summer, nor heating in winter"!. Felt sorry for the eldery and kids as it felt like we were stuck in a sauna!. Cant wait for next election either!


Why not have a proper investigation into TFL and the introduction of Uber drivers. Tens of thousands of more vehicles on the road is not a good way to improve target times for emergency services. Also, take out 50% of unnecessary traffic lights to get traffic moving again

Karlton Chambers


I have a plan for a fire fighting system that would be very useful and effective in fighting high-rise fires like Grenfell Tower. The proposed system could be made transportable for use by the fire brigade or could be installed on site at tower blocks around London. I need to have a dialogue with someone who is concerned with fire safety and is truly interested in fire safety and how to tackle such incidents if they should ever happen again. Please get in touch with me if you or anyone you know can help me to get this idea seen and heard. Thank you.

Talk London


Hi Karlton

We'd love to hear about your ideas and plans, so please do share or discuss them here on Talk London.

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