Community-led local projects

Earlier this year we featured a discussion and Talking Points survey on community-led regeneration and crowdfunding. City Hall’s Regeneration team were looking to understand Londoners’ levels of involvement with community groups, opinions on how local development projects should be run, and awareness of potential ways of funding them.

800 of you took part in our Talking Points survey, and we found that almost 40% have some involvement in one or more community groups, with a further 30% aware of community groups in their local area. On the discussion thread a couple of you said that it can be tough to find the right sort of community group to join, and that starting your own group would require a bit of support from City Hall or your borough council. You were aware that being active in a community group can take a lot of time and organisation, but you didn’t want this to put you off!

Over half of you think that community groups should play an active role in local improvement projects; providing ideas, fundraising, designing, developing and making final decisions. Only 22% of you think the role of community groups in development should stop at consultation.

On sources of funding, 60% of you were very aware of crowdfunding and a further 30% of you had some awareness. Interestingly, you were more aware of crowdfunding as a means of bringing these sorts of projects to life than any other type of funding, including government funding and commercial loans.

Subsequently, almost 50% of you think crowdfunding is a good method for helping to facilitate local improvement projects. You told us you think it brings people together for a common goal, enables people to have a vested interest in the success of projects, gives power to the people, and improves financial transparency. Over on the discussion thread one person said crowdfunding these projects means a great way to ‘put your money where your mouth is’.

City Hall’s Regeneration team is currently trialling crowdsourcing and crowdfunding local improvement projects across London through the online Spacehive platform. So far 35 community-led projects, have been backed, with £600k pledged by the Mayor and £800k through the crowdfund process. The third round of submissions and fundraising is well underway with the Mayor’s own pledges announced on 19 June. Anyone can back a project on Spacehive, and you can take a look at the Mayor’s hive here. Any community group can submit a project, so get thinking about what you’d like to see in your area too! The next chance to apply will be this autumn.

The insight you’ve given us here on Talk London is helping to shape and refine round three of the programme, and will continue to impact the way the Mayor’s Crowdfunding programme is rolled out in the future. A big thank you for your input – keep it coming!
23rd Jun 2016
1 year ago (4:43 PM)



Community-led local development (CLLD) is a term used by the European Commission to describe an approach that turns traditional “top down” development policy on its head. Under CLLD, local people take the reins and form a local partnership that designs and implements an integrated development strategy.


Within 5 years our family had 3 bikes stolen where we live so we were delighted when TfL funded a new state-of-the-art secure storage facility on our estate of 421 households. It is very disappointing that housing officials have locked it up out-of-use since October 2016 because they can't agree who pays for the lighting.