A City for all Londoners

16th Nov 2016

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently published a new vision for London: A City for All Londoners. Covering everything from land use and transport through to culture and health, this document aims to capture both our city’s top challenges, and its opportunities. In light of these, it also seeks to outline what City Hall will work on over the next four years; dealing with the pressures that come with growth, uniting through our unique culture, celebrating diversity and lots more.

Naturally, we want people to tell us what they think about this document and the plans that it contains. So, we're inviting borough councils, business leaders, community organisations, and Londoners in general to take part in workshops and discussions that will help to shape the detail of key policies and strategies.

And that is, of course, where you come in. We’ve started up a number of discussion threads so that you can have your say. How do we ensure that people from all walks of life are healthy and live well alongside each other? How do we build a city that's open for business and where Londoners experience a high standard of living? How do we improve the capital’s environment and work towards a more sustainable future? Join in on these topics and more by joining the discussions listed below.

 We look forward to hearing your views.

7 months ago (10:46 AM)